Keeping the wheels of business moving through the winter: Europcar

Mark Maguire, Northern Ireland Sales Manager for Europcar UK, highlights the benefits of vehicle rental to help SMEs manage a safe and reliable winter fleet

It’s almost time to turn back the clocks, which brings long, dark nights and a whole host of challenging driving conditions. With less daylight and the risk of heavy rain, fog, ice and even snow, keeping a fleet on the road and ensuring drivers are safe through winter is top of the agenda for smaller businesses operating in Northern Ireland at this time of year.

Whether it’s travelling from meetings or making deliveries, freezing temperatures and inclement weather make breakdowns a real concern. SMEs have a duty of care to their drivers, but if employees are using their own vehicles or even older cars on a company fleet the risk of staff getting stranded on the side of the road while travelling for work should be a concern.

Keeping business moving is also key. Smaller businesses with just a small number of vehicles, could be crippled by any accidents or breakdowns. Without backup vehicles, any downtime could spell missed orders and deliveries, and that could have a detrimental effect on customer experience.

Part of the problem with the British winter is the fact that the weather is so changeable, with the last few winters throwing unexpected periods of heavy snow into the mix. For Northern Ireland based companies having to cope with seasonal demand, ineffective planning for such periods may result in damaging impacts to their business if they don’t have alternative vehicles in place.

Vehicle rental offers SMEs and larger corporates access to a wide range of vehicles at short notice. Savvy business owners and fleet managers with the foresight to appoint a reliable vehicle supply partner can mitigate disruption and cost by only paying for the vehicles they need. In recent years, there has been a significant growth in the number of businesses using flexible vehicle rental rather than buying and owning depreciating assets or signing up to lengthy contracts which can become a burden to finances during quieter periods. It’s not commercially viable for many small businesses to run a fleet that can cope with any weather extremes but vehicle rental is certainly a major solution to such problems.

Europcar’s business customers have access to an extensive range of vehicles which are, on average, less than six months old and fitted with the latest technology and fuel efficient engines. This means businesses can meet seasonal demands, without changes in the weather impacting on their productivity. In addition, with a fleet fully covered by 24-hour roadside assistance as standard, our customers have the peace of mind they need when it comes to improving driver safety during the winter period.

For additional information on Europcar’s range of fleet solutions or to arrange a meeting to discuss the specific requirements of your business, please contact Mark Maguire at [email protected] or telephone 07969 109425.

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