Jennie Wallace, Beyond Skin Clinic: 40under40 Profile

Jennie WallaceJennie Wallace is a dynamic entrepreneur who has worked in the entertainment, technology and social economy industries.

Her latest business venture is challenging perceptions in the aesthetics industry and inspiring others to follow her lead. Jennie is passionate about promoting gentle parenting, and through her work with Breastival is normalising breastfeeding in a fun and accessible way.

Despite long term mental health issues Jennie continues to build communities and reach out to others in need, acting as a mentor for young women in business.

Jenny’s Top Business Tip

Never, never, never give up even though the going’s tough Don’t stop trying, when you’re tiring, and you’re out of puff Never, never, never give up even though you’re feeling rough If at first you don’t succeed, never, never, never give up

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