Jamesy Hagan, Hagan Homes: 40under40 Profile

Jamesy HaganJamesy Hagan has been Managing Director of Hagan Homes since 2009 and has successfully steered the company through the most challenging time of its history.

Hagan Homes is now one of Northern Ireland’s largest homebuilders.

It has built almost 3,600 homes across Northern Ireland since it was established almost 30 years ago.

The success is an indication that what Hagan Homes is offering, in terms of specification of build, is exactly what customers want. Hagan Homes builds affordable, quality, stylish homes and achieves this by appointing award-winning architects, interior designers and craftspeople.

The company’s hard working, committed team has adapted to an ever-changing market and this has been an integral part of Hagan Homes’ success.

Jamesy’s Top Business Tip

If you do not make a few mistakes it means you aren’t trying hard enough. The important lesson to learn is don’t make the same mistake twice!

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