In a digital world is there really still a place for print?

Its 2019 and all things are now truly digital.  However when it comes to marketing your business, should you abandon the tried and trusted printed material in favour for a new digital world?

Print is more engaging

Although digital seems to offer a multitude of benefits, like being immediately adjustable, free to access and interactive, print media is still very much ingrained in consumers’ collective memory. This means that people continue to be attracted to, and willing to read, print media, regardless of whether we’re talking about magazines and newspapers, flyers or catalogues.

The print medium offers a variety of content – and often many publishers and advertisers use more than one type of printed content to get their brand message across.

Print stimulates the senses

60% of consumers make a brand their first choice when it engages their senses

One exclusive quality that print has and the digital media can never match is just how tangible it is. Consumers are able to browse through a magazine, feel the paper and even distinguish between certain paper densities and compositions.

For example, one specific advert may be printed on a thicker, more porous paper that is easy to take notice of, compared to the rest of the glossy sheets in the magazine. Also, there’s the smell of ink on paper that adds to the overall experience of reading something printed.

These are important senses that cannot be stimulated in the digital environment – or not yet, at least.

We asked a local printing company ‘At The Printers‘ for their take on how print is still relevant in a digital world –

In a nutshell, they said: “Print is simply accessible. Print advertising may be the way to go if you’re wanting to build your brand and establish credibility in the minds of your new and existing customers.  Leaflet printing and business card printing as two good examples of this.  These are two print mediums that are certainly not going away anytime soon.”

Digital advertising is great for immediate results, especially if you’re running a promotion or an offer. All your customers need do is click on a link and they’re at your site, ready to purchase.

But the best option could be a mix of the two.

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