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How your business can benefit from remote working

Remote working is becoming popular across many businesses in the UK, but what exactly is remote working and how does it benefit your company? Remote working is a work arrangement that allows employees to carry out their workload away from the office. Some employees will work from home all the time, whereas others may split their time between home and the office.

The number of people working from home is on the rise, and there are many benefits to both the employee and employer. If you’re thinking of introducing remote working into your business, keep reading to discover how beneficial it can be.

More productive staff

Allowing your employees to work from home means they will be happier, less stressed and will have more time to be focused on their work. This means that they are likely to be more efficient and productive with their workload.

No commute to work

A huge benefit for working from home is that employees won’t have to endure the dreaded commute to and from the office.

Its eco friendly

Working from home is great for reducing your carbon footprint and is an excellent way for your company to go green, as employees won’t be driving into work or taking the train or bus. You’ll also cut down on the electricity being used in the office, as well as office supplies such as paper and ink cartridges.

Lowers operational costs

With more employees working from home, you won’t need a large office space, office furniture and office supplies, therefore lowering your overall operational costs.

Find the right people

Remote working allows you to expand your search when looking for new employees. You’re no longer limited to only looking for staff that are local to the business. You can hire the right people for the job, even if they live thousands of miles away.

Your staff will be more loyal

Having the option to work from home is an attractive perk to many, and employees will feel more loyal to the business as they can balance their professional and personal lives.

If you are thinking about bringing remote working into your business, remember that you need to have good processes in place. An organised and productive business will speak to workers regularly via tools such as Google Hangouts or Skype. Ensure you establish clear guidelines with remote workers so they know exactly what is expected of them, whether that’s responding to emails promptly or being available for conference calls. Provide the right training opportunities with eLearning courses from EssentialSkillz so employees can perform their roles effectively. Set up regular reviews to identify and address any problems.

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