How to Market Your Own Digital Agency in 2018

startup Marketing Solutions For IT Startup Companies

Marketing for your ambitious technology startup company can be complicated; There are many problems facing an ambitious startup technology company in today’s market. It’s hard for tech companies to find the right marketing message and be heard over the background noise.

The key here seems to be avoiding the reinvention of the wheel, to incorporate a common adage. You want to stand on the shoulders of marketing giants to avoid retreading ground that has already been explored. This will save you time and increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. Consequently, this approach is effective for more than simply digital agencies; though they will be the primary focus of this writing.

The most successful online marketing campaigns are going to have a multi-pronged approach which includes a variety of different techniques working cohesively together towards a specific end. This can be overwhelming today because there are quite a few different solutions from which to choose. Five will be focused on in this writing, including:

  1. Content That Is Creative
  2. Social Media Optimization
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Utilization Of Video Marketing
  5. Marketing Designed Around User Experience

Content That Is Creative

Catch the eye of your readers. Do something interesting. There’s a comedy show on HBO called Silicon Valley which describes the personalities and life struggles of those in today’s tech industry. Most of the humor comes from their awkward interactions with the world. While these tech geniuses understand computer science backwards and forwards, they have a lot of trouble connecting with the real people whom they are trying to represent.

As the show progresses, the tech team protagonists discover how to design what is essentially a “new internet”. But they don’t know how to make that “new internet” marketable to their target demographic, instead working with niche clients obtained by investors. Some good advice for this group, and something which other startup tech companies specializing in cutting edge digital tech could use, revolves around showing how a new development can directly affect those in a specific market.

For example, in the fictional scenario of Silicon Valley, the protagonists’ “new internet” wouldn’t give deference to pop-up advertisement and the like. Well that’s a prime selling point! Hypothetical content for such a product or service might emphasize how smooth and quick the new web is without pernicious pop-ups to slow surfing.

Your creative content should take some element of truth surrounding your products and present it in a way that is palatable. Think of it like a meal: if you just throw ingredients on a plate, that’s not appetizing; but if you present it in an aesthetic way, even dishes which have mediocre flavor become desirable. Creative content can help bring out the true “flavor” notes of your tech company. So be interesting, and be relevant to your market. The key term you’re looking for here is: “value”. The most successful creative content provides readers with value.

Social Media Optimization

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, LinkedIn, Minds, Gab—all of these social media platforms have millions making up their accompanying social networks. Millions of users means ubiquitous data pertaining to user patterns. With social media you can reach out to your target demographic, and know you’re connecting with them.

People spend hours daily on social media. On average, John Q. Public spends 1.66 hours daily across varying social media outlets. Some days he’ll spend four or five hours perusing Facebook, some days twenty minutes; in the end, it averages out to about the length of a blockbuster film. You can be part of your target market’s time spent on the web with the right content properly optimized to user needs—but you’ll want to incorporate SEO into both your creative content, and your social media optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO solutions can definitely boost your business. If you’re unfamiliar with Search Engine Optimization, it’s time to look into this revolutionary way of reaching people using the internet. Basically, SEO employs a combination of keywords, keyword phrases, blog construction, image utility, video utility, and guest-posting to provide visibility.

One thing a worthy SEO organization is going to do is to facilitate guest blogging. If you’re not familiar, guest-blogging works like this: there’s an established blog on a website or a profile that has plenty of regular views. That blog can post featured segments written by exterior sources.

When you’re able to get your writing on a guest blog, that immediately gives you access to many viewers who otherwise may not see your promotional materials. They key is not being too promotional, but more on that in a minute. Basically, your strategy once you’ve managed to make your writing SEO-optimized is proper dissemination.

Utilization Of Video Marketing

Part of properly disseminating your content will involve varying social media outlets and blogs—more on that shortly. Today another very big part of it is the video component. People are visual, and they are increasingly diverse. But if you can see something happening, you don’t necessarily have to fully understand the culture that produced the video.

If your new technology company can show that the products and services you provide tend toward an expedited, streamlined, more user-friendly and cost-effective tech experience, then diverse clients can get onboard with your products or services even if your native language isn’t theirs.

This opens up your demographic greatly. The downside is that video marketing can be costly. However, today’s technology makes it less costly than it’s ever been. You can start an online social media blog using an attractive personality as an “anchor”, as it were, to your services. This can build up a following in itself.

Marketing Designed Around User Experience

Earlier data collected through varying SEO and social media platforms was alluded to. When you market, you want to base your outbound materials around what your clients are already seeking. With social media, SEO, and other means of data collection, it becomes possible to continuously optimize your outbound efforts toward the greatest success through utilization of actionable data.

One of the greatest things about social media and SEO are the statistics which naturally result from regular use. These can be fundamental in helping you reach clients in need more quickly, effectively, and comprehensively.

Hypothetical Numbers

Good SEO should increase your site traffic on its own; but generally this isn’t fully representative of the potential that a given blog has. Think of it this way: you could post something on all your social media profiles, and your home site. If you’re a small business that reaches a demographic of about 5k existing and potential customers, you’d be lucky if ten percent of them read these materials.

That’s only 500. Of those 500, you are lucky if 50 of them take any forward action pertaining to purchase of your products and services. Of those 50, maybe 5 will be continuing, statistically dependable clients. That’s all well and good if, for example, you’re selling homes. A realtor who sells five $100k homes with a 10% commission is pulling down $50k a year.

However, for most businesses, numbers so low just won’t cut it. But if you’re able to get a blog published on another website with a huge following sympathetic to your tech startup, you can substantively expand your reach, impact, and sales conversion rate. Say, for example, you run a “gaming” company focused on RPGs, or Role-Playing Games, that construct gaming scenarios around user data.

You’re going to find a fine online community who is very interested in what you’ve got to offer as pertains to varying video games of this variety. If you can get some good articles published on guest blogs about your tech startup throughout this online community, you can reach a massive quotient of legitimate, interested clientele.

Imagine you’ve got ten blogs which each reach three thousand readers. That’s an extra 30,000 readers of your material, potentially. You’ve just multiplied your online reach by a factor of seven. If you could reach a hundred such blogs—and realistically, there are likely many more than this in existence—you can definitely attain a positive impact on your business that may even require hiring additional employees.

Strategic Alliances

To save time and resources, you want to find solutions that will save some of the footwork for you, and help you to properly network with such blogs, shares the web development agency Lilo. There will likely be some quid-pro-quo, or “something for something” going on; but it’s an “everybody wins” scenario. You send visitors to your store to the blog you’re getting your materials published on, and that blog publishes your posts.

Utilizing resources like this represents an often-successful strategic approach. This writing has covered just a few of many reasons it makes good sense to get involved with SEO, then from there get involved with guest-blogging to build relationships with like-minded businesses.

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