How Smart Rooms Encourage Collaboration in the Workplace

Due to constant advances in technology, the modern workplace has been completely transformed over the past decade or so to create smart rooms. Traditional meeting areas and uninspiring conference rooms have made way for inventive, activity-based workspaces, as businesses implement innovative audio-visual platforms to encourage collaboration and creativity.

Now with over 4 million remote workers in the UK alone, visual collaboration tools are proving essential in keeping teams connected and engaged, with an IMCCA report showing that 90% of remote workers believe that video conferencing makes them feel more connected to colleagues and clients.

Smart rooms take things to the next level. Designed to encourage and enhance collaboration, they allow businesses to bring together their physical and digital workspaces with fully-integrated AV solutions. By creating a truly intelligent working environment, smart rooms enable businesses to foster creativity and boost engagement; providing reliable and convenient ways for team members to regularly connect and collaborate. But how?

What are Smart Rooms?

In short, smart rooms can transform the entire meeting experience. By fully integrating your video conferences, digital whiteboards, presentation systems and other AV solutions, an effective smart room can turn an average workspace into an interactive and engaging activity-based environment.

Whether you opt for a standard installation or require a completely bespoke solution, smart rooms are designed to create a more dynamic meeting environment and ultimately provide a more consistent user experience. Instead of worrying about the technology involved, a smart room seamlessly brings it all together, simplifying the way teams collaborate and eradicating many of the issues experienced in everyday meetings.

Smart room solutions aren’t just limited to meeting areas and boardrooms, however, as they’re also commonly implemented in lecture halls, classrooms, control rooms, reception areas and huddle rooms.

Enhanced Flexibility

Every workplace is different, meaning they won’t all incorporate the same technologies. When setting up a smart room, you’re able to pick out and install the features your business actually needs—prioritising the collaboration tools that could prove useful to your team members and clients.

By tailoring a smart room to the specific requirements of your business and users, you’ll be bringing an enhanced level of flexibility to your meetings and internal communications. A purpose-built meeting environment will provide team members with the tools required to drive projects forward, allowing them to work smarter from different spaces and places in a way that best suits them.

Additionally, smart room solutions remove much of the hassle involved when dealing with numerous forms of meeting room technology. By making it easier to connect via multiple devices and operating with BYOD, team members will be able to collaborate more productively; while the sheer ease of use means they’re more likely to communicate regularly and more efficiently.

Increasing Productivity and Inspiring Creativity

A fully-integrated smart room will let you automate and control everything from the room temperature to your video conferencing settings. By having such control over your meeting environment, you can ensure teams are able to work together more efficiently, using highly-intuitive control systems to make sure meetings always run smoothly.

When you’ve completely automated the audio, visual and environmental settings of your workplace, teams will find it much easier to utilise the full potential of the technology involved; simplifying the various communication channels and encouraging productive collaboration.

According to an old Stanford study, 64% of workers feel much more motivated when encouraged to collaborate with other team members, ultimately increasing productivity levels and improving results. The innovative visual aspects of smart rooms are known to inspire such collaboration, stimulating the creative process and ultimately making it easier for all team members to stay connected.

Encouraging Interaction and Improving Communication

Since the number of remote workers remains on the rise, advances in technology are playing a pivotal role in helping these remote teams work together everywhere. Digital whiteboarding encourages brainstorming sessions; video conferencing allows for invaluable face-to-face interaction; virtual workspaces facilitate seamless file sharing and document annotation.

Smart rooms bring all of these platforms together, making it significantly more convenient for team members to interact and collaborate. Instead of worrying about lengthy travel times and other physical limitations, teams can now build stronger relationships from almost anywhere in the world.

Whether you need to set up a formal conference call with the entire team, or just arrange a casual one-on-one chat with a colleague, smart rooms are guaranteed to support your work style and enhance collaboration in the workplace. In fact, working together has never been easier.

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