How local businesses can handle property damage

property damageOne of the worries for local firms is the financial cost that property damage to business premises can bring. Unfortunately, this is an issue that many local businesses are experiencing more and more in the modern world. Not only can the time involved in dealing with the damage caused be a huge problem, but the remedial costs involved can seriously impact your profit margins. That can be especially true for smaller businesses that don’t have the capacity in terms of capital to cover sudden, unexpected expenses of this nature.

As you would expect, that makes serious property damage a real problem that can break many local businesses. It is, therefore, well worth thinking about the types of common property damage scenarios you might experience and how to deal with them.

The most common forms of damage to business premises

If you own a local business, then there are some common forms of damage you are vulnerable to. Here are some of the most typical examples you may come across:

Flood damage

One of the most common types of damage a local business can experience to its property is a flood. Flooding is becoming something the country is seeing more of each year it seems, so you need to think about this if your property is in an area that is at risk. Don’t make the mistake of assuming flooding only occurs due to freak weather conditions – blocked sewers or burst pipes can also cause serious water damage to your premises.

By far the best way to protect your business premises from flood damage is to prepare for it. It is worth having preventative measures in place such as sandbags you can stack against doors to keep the water at bay. If the worst does happen, then you will need to pump the water out and clean up as soon as possible afterwards to minimise any damage.

SME’s are not protected by the governmentsFlood Re-Scheme’ in the same way as homeowners are, so you need to take steps to protect your business property yourself.

Malicious damage

For many businesses, malicious damage by disgruntled ex-employees, annoyed customers or unruly local elements is a threat. If you are unlucky enough to have trouble with a very aggressive customer who you fear may cause physical damage to your property, then it can be a real worry for you. That is also true for any staff you may have had to sack or discipline. They can sometimes take their frustrations out on your businesses property in revenge.

Although this kind of malicious damage is hard to prevent, try to calm any heated situations before they escalate into damage itself. Once the damage has happened, then you will need to assess the repairs needed and call in professional help to fix it. You should also consider reporting the matter to the police so the person who caused the damage can be apprehended.

Vandalism to shop fronts

If you have business premises in a town or city centre not protected by a security service, then vandalism by youths can be a very common problem. When the offenders are hanging around your shop during the evening, it can be tempting, for no good reason, for them to smash the shop window. Such damage is costly to repair, and there is the associated inconvenience and disruption to trade.

If you find your business property has fallen victim to this type of damage, then getting it repaired as soon as possible is vital. A fast repair will allow you to get back to normal and make your business premises secure again. Companies including All Emergency Services offer quick, professional and cost-effective repair solutions for your shop front glass.

Impact damage

Sometimes you can just be unlucky and experience damage to your business property by accident. That can include things like a car skidding off the road and smashing into your building. That kind of impact damage can be very severe, seriously affecting the stability and structural integrity of your premises and therefore limiting the ability to operate your business as normal.

To repair this sort of damage will require you to call in professional builders who can assess the damage and make any necessary repairs for you. Make sure that the builder you use is fully qualified to survey the damage and carry out the repairs, so you know you will be legally compliant.

Fire damage

As well as flood damage, the other major damage your business property could be subject to is fire. It could be from a fire started on purpose by vandals or from a purely innocent accident, such as an electrical fault. Whatever the cause, fire damage can hit your premises hard and have a significant impact on your ability to trade as usual.

To reduce the risk of fire damage, prevention is again the best action to take. Make sure you undertake regular fire risk assessments and check that there is nothing on your property that could accidentally cause a fire. You should ensure you have enough smoke alarms fitted along with the legally required fire extinguishers. If a fire does damage your property, then you will need to assess the extent of the damage caused and call in professional help to get your property back to its former condition.

Local business property damage need not be terminal

Although the above forms of property damage to your business may be inconvenient and involve some cost, they need not be terminal. By preparing to not only deal with them but also prevent them where possible, you can put your business in a position to handle them more efficiently. Take the time now to put any measures you can in place and you will be able to deal with anything that comes your way if your business premises are damaged.

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