Hi-tech grease solutions are big business for Newry based Grease Guardian

Think of all the food you eat on a daily basis that produces grease, do you ever wonder where all that grease goes? How it affects our sewers etc. Well thanks to companies like Grease guardian we don’t need to worry. Grease Guardian offers grease traps that have became a legal requirement within our commercial kitchens, they fit into our kitchens and food preparation areas to trap the grease we produce.

Who are Grease Guardian?

Grease Guardian is a subdivision of parent company FM Environmental Ltd. FM Environmental Ltd was founded in 1977 and is one of Ireland’s and the UK’s longest established water and wastewater engineering companies. They have found that some of the most common problems in pumping stations, sewer networks and wastewater treatment systems are attributed to fats, oils and grease (FOG). FOG in the wastewater sewerage network blocks pipes, restricts flow and gives rise to network overflows and flooding. FOG also contributes to pump and equipment failures and has an inhibiting effect on the biological treatment processes within wastewater treatment systems.

Therefore in order to counter these problems, they created a company called Grease Guardian, Grease guardian offer a range of automatic and manual grease traps and grease removal equipment. They believe addressing the problem at the source eg. Kitchens, and general food preparation areas will help ensure the sewer pipework remains FOG free.

Grease Guardians goal is to manufacture and distribute the top automatic grease removal system on the market. They also have the responsibility of educating the public and end user on the importance of FOG reduction and correct grease interceptor maintenance.

Grease Guardian have a UK Website and a seperate US Website.

What is a Grease Guardian?

Grease Guardian grease traps are approved for sale in Ireland and England as well as most major cities in over 30 countries. Grease Guardians are manufactured by FM Environmental Ltd. Grease traps are required by law to prevent grease from entering drains and causing blockages. The Grease Guardian is a grease interceptor that traps fats, oils and grease and removes them through skimming.

2018 has been a great year for Grease Guardian and 2019 shows more growth in the USA market for this company.

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