GDPR workshop Belfast: getting past the hype and starting the journey to compliance

You are invited to join us for this important GDPR workshop which we have organised in conjunction with Belfast Barrister, Orlagh Kelly.
Apart from having already delivered Data Protection training to 600 businesses across the UK – and being featured in Forbes magazine.
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was implemented by the Government on May 25 2018. Every business in Northern Ireland is affected by the new legislation and it is imperative that you begin the process of implementing the changes as soon as possible to avoid attracting the attention of the Information Commissioners Office.
This vital workshop will help you identify the risks to your business and help you understand what you need to do before the new legislation is in place.
The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is getting a lot of airtime right now. The potential of being on the receiving end of huge fines of up to €20 million is making all types of organisations sit up and take notice.

But how much of the hype is actually true? And do all organisations actually need to make significant changes?

On this barrister-led course we examine the changes in the legislation and work out how they actually impact your organisation.

For more information on this workshop and to reserve your places, please click here

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