Five Handy Apps That Could Help Your Business Run Smoother

handy appsAs a business owner you have your work cut out for you. Chances are you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your business, bring in more customers/clients, increase profits, and expand the business. That’s a whole lot to take on, which can leave you feeling rather stressed. Keeping your business running smoothly like a well-oiled machine is no easy task. This is exactly why so many apps have been created that are meant to help businesses run smoother and make life easier for all.

Here we’ll take a look at five standout apps that will help you go about running your business in a more efficient, productive, and smoother manner.

Staff Heroes Temp Staff App

Located in both the Apple and Google Play stores is the Staff Heroes Temp Staffing App, designed for businesses just like yours. This app provides you with instant access to pre-vetted, reliable, and trusted temp workers that you can hire, which is very convenient for business events and parties.

Many are able to fill their staffing needs within just a few hours. Through the app you’ll be able to check profiles of potential staff, their references, reviews, and experience. The app looks after payroll too, so you won’t have to worry about time sheets that you need to fill out. You’ll even be sent a receipt at the end of the month that provides details on each shift.


Trello is another app that can make a huge difference in your company. This is described as a project-management app that allows teams to track workflow. It can help keep the lines of communication open and ensure that everyone is on the same page in the project. Through the app you can create checklists, share attachments, make comments, set up stickers and labels on tasks, set due dates, etc. Members will also receive notification by email when actions occur.


The majority of people have probably heard of Skype before, and may have even used it for personal chats and video calls, however Skype can also be a powerful tool for your business to use. Skype makes videoconferencing a breeze, which can then cut down on the amount of business-related travel you and your staff need to do. You can place a voice or video call to anyone in the world and it allows for up to 25 people to chat at the same time.

Additional features that will make business owners happy is the fact you can use it to send files with no size limits, photos, and even share your computer screen. It can make your meetings more productive than ever before, and in a user-friendly manner.


If you happen to run a small business that 10 staff or less, then Wave couple be the perfect app for your accounting needs. It’s built for non-accountants to use, which means it’s incredibly user-friendly and helps you to make sense of your company’s finances. Use the app to track your expenses and sales, scan expense receipts, manage all your invoices, create reports, and even pay employees.


Described as a messaging app, using Slack makes it possible for employees to communicate with one another. Conversations can be organised by topic, there is private messaging available, a search tool to find specific topics fast, and as the admin of the app, you can decide which employees have access to which channels.

Each of these apps will work in a different way to help you to run your business smoother, which means you may want to start using a few of them.

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