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Essential items for an office refit

office refitIs your office looking a little tired and dated? Are employees feeling a little cramped and disorganised? If so, it sounds like it’s time to have a office refit. Spending time and money on your refurbishment will result in a happier workforce and workplace.

Before getting started there are things you need to consider to allow your refit to run smoothly, such as allowing yourself room for your refit plans – you should have a suitable length of time set in place and find an alternative location whilst work is being carried out.

Make sure you also have put together layouts and designs of how you want your office to look and that you also account for things such as electrical cables, suitable lights, air conditioning and heating. Last but not least, you need a checklist for your essential items, see below for everything you need.


An obvious one but all employers need a traditional desk to place a laptop or computer on. You want to ideally buy the same desk for everyone so that your office looks uniform but still has its own style.


Take the time to select and invest in comfortable chairs for your employees. A chair is one of the most important parts of an office as it where people sit all day. Comfort counts when it comes to sitting so be sure to test it out before making your purchases.

Computer and another monitor

Nobody will be able to do any work without a computer. Do your research and pick a machine that will meet all your business’s specific needs. You should also consider buying yourself another monitor screen to sit alongside desktop computers. This can be very helpful for your employees when they need to have several tabs open at once and view a lot of different things.

Good broadband

You won’t get very far in your business without the internet and this is something you will need to research and look into properly. Your office size, the amount of people using the internet and how often it will be used, should determine which internet provider and speed you need. Check out this article by Telappliant to find out what internet speed is right for you.


A printer is a device that your office definitely needs. There will always be a situation where you need to scan, fax, print or make copies of your documents – look into getting a multipurpose printer that can do all of these things and make your office more modern and efficient.

Printers vary in size, resolution, speed and cost so it is up to you to find the right one based up on your businesses needs. Don’t forget to keep the supply cupboard stocked with replacement ink and toner cartridges too.

Meeting spaces

If your office is currently not benefiting from private meeting spaces then look into having one or two installed during the re-fit. Stud walls and doors can quickly create private meeting rooms to use for discussions about work. Ensure they feature comfy chairs and tables too to make the space pleasing to use.

There are certainly lots of other office equipment on the market and things you can buy; however, these items are all necessary for you to get back into the swing of things after your office refit.