Northern Ireland economy needs to make space for technological innovation and creativity

| November 19, 2012

Former Chief Information and Scientist Officer for BT, Dr Sinclair Stockman, is calling on businesses to embrace the high quality technology and infrastructure in place in Northern Ireland to drive forward the necessary innovation and creativity required to power Northern Ireland’s economy.

Dr Stockman, who is executive director of Digital Northern Ireland 2020, has been working with companies across Northern Ireland enabling them to harness technological innovations and spur growth.

He told Business First, “Northern Ireland has one of the best broadband platforms available to businesses. Organisations of any size can build their profiles and access a marketplace of billions simply by connecting to the Internet.

“There is a clear connection between enjoying economic prosperity, having the necessary infrastructure in place and embracing the technological advances that are possible in today’s society,” said Dr Stockman.

A native of Northern Ireland, now living between Northern Ireland and Paris, Dr Stockman is also an advisor and consultant to companies and NGOs across the world.

With over 30 years of technology and operational experience on the global stage, Sinclair Stockman is involved in communicating the technical advantages of Northern Ireland in order to develop economic and business models that will act as blueprints to stimulate and accelerate growth.

“Information Technology is a key growth sector globally and with the infrastructure in place in Northern Ireland it can be a driver for economic growth right here In Northern Ireland. Many organisations, from start-ups, to SMEs and even global corporations are using technology to their advantage, however we must nurture and support those who strive to attain technological excellence in NI – for they will be our future.”

Locally-based Farset Labs is providing a hub of creativity, technological innovation and entrepreneurship in the heart of Belfast. Based in Weaver’s Court, it’s advanced computing, electronics, and fabrication equipment allows students, professionals, and amateurs to gain experience with up-to-the-minute technologies and systems, within a community that fosters knowledge exchange and personal growth.

“To the layman, Farset Labs is a world of ‘geeks’ and ‘nerds’ where sparks of innovation and creativity from the very best and brightest of young minds have the potential to form the next globally competitive big idea.

“Here people come together and share ideas but more importantly gain experience of up to the minute technologies and systems, within a community that fosters knowledge exchange and personal growth.

“Created by three young minds, Andrew Bolster, David Kane and Eoghan Murray, Farset Labs is a focal point for technological experimentation, exploitation and education in Northern Ireland. A hub like this could produce the next generation of technology leaders, not unlike the renowned hacker, British Scientist and inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

“Here innovation and creativity is at its best; it is a nucleus of ideas and experiments; it is a pivot upon which Northern Ireland can move into a knowledge based economy and have its very own technology home grown industry. We must embrace and support organisations like for this to happen,” concludes Dr Stockman.

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