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Discount codes as a marketing instrument – This is why Debehams and other companies make use of them

discount codesDiscount codes and money off coupons are a valuable marketing tool for hosts of retailers. It’s said that any retailers providing active discount codes are eight times more likely to make a sale than retailers that don’t offer discounts. Discounts help retailers in a number of ways, including attracting new customers, enhancing the loyalty of existing customers, cutting risks of abandoning a shopping trolley for online shoppers, and help ensure brands maintain their lead over competitors.

Discount codes as a marketing instrument

Brands like Debenhams that offer discount codes do need to ensure that discounting suits the overarching organisational strategy. Yes, discount codes will attract new customers and build up loyalty in any existing customer base, but it’s important that brands are not seen to be turning into budget outlets.

It can be fairly easy to adopt a company culture of vast discounting, so brands that want to keep their identity and focus need to ensure voucher codes are used sparingly and wisely.

Very often it’s the case that established brands want to attract new customers to their bricks and mortar stores or online shops, and offering product discounts is one way to achieve this. It’s also a good plan to reward customer loyalty with discounts or money off coupons.

Marketing on coupon code websites

There’s a wide range of coupon code websites on the internet and many established brands find that marketing discount codes on these sites is a valuable way to attract new customers. One of the great benefits of coupon code website marketing is the mass exposure that brands achieve when they have active voucher codes. Customers looking for a particular item from a retailer will often check around coupon code websites prior to making any purchase to see if there are any valuable discounts on offer.

Some of the most popular, well established retailers offer discount codes on coupon websites. This means customers can take advantage of a percentage off any purchase and will be delighted to have saved money on their products.

It’s not always the case that retailers offer discount codes across their entire range of products. Some voucher codes may only offer free shipping, or perhaps money off a certain line of products in the store. These are all sweeteners to consumers, however, and encourage thriftiness and budgeting.