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Days away from the office: How to cut costs

days awaySeeing a new client, attending an event, having a corporate away day; days away from your desk come, to most, as a midweek treat. But, with travel expenses, food and accommodation all to be accounted for, they do come at a financial cost. Here are some saving tips to help stretch the budget further when you’re out of the office.

Car hire

If you’re taking to the motorway and travelling to your out-of-office meeting, or event by car, it can be useful to lease a vehicle for just a short amount of time. If there are a lot of you, for example, if your office is travelling for a team building exercise, it can be economical to hire a minibus instead of several cars. With any lease, you’ll need specific minibus insurance to cover yourself in case of any unfortunate accidents.

Have a travel policy

There’s nothing worse than travelling hours to get to an important meeting for it to be unproductive, or cancelled. Before committing to a meeting, see if you can dial in, instead of travelling. If a meeting can take place over the phone or via video calling and still achieve the same results, travelling to that meeting could be a waste of time and money. Enforce a travel policy that details when you should take a meeting out of the office. Only allow employees to take out-of-office meetings if they are necessary and vital to the business growth.

Be organised

If you want to cut costs you’re going to have to be organised. If you know you’ve got a meeting scheduled in the diary in a couple of months, or you’ve got an event that requires you to stay the night, book in advance. You’ll know the location by now, so, you should be able to get a cheaper price for booking in advance for things such as hotels, air travel and rail tickets. With this year’s rise in rail prices, there are handy ways you can reduce the price of a rail ticket even further. These include splitting up your ticket by travel distance and buying two singles instead of a return.

Discounts on dining out

From fine dining to the much-loved and widely popular chain restaurants, there are many discounts on dining out that you can benefit from. Discount cards such as Gourmet Society, Dine Club and Tastecard offer up to 50% off your food bill. Some even have money off deals on drinks. From well known restaurants to the smaller brands, this is a great tool if you plan to entertain clients, or if you need to keep a careful eye on food expenses during meeting days out.

Pay on rewards credit cards

When it comes to days out of the office, there are various financial aids that can be of use when you’re playing for things from the company account. If you’re regularly spending money on travel tickets, petrol, food, drink or event fees, a corporate credit card could be the answer. There’s a range of credit cards available on the UK market that offer rewards when you purchase certain things. Rewards can be anything from cashback, air miles, discounts on accommodation, and vouchers. It can be worth paying for these on a credit card provided you pay it back in full at the end of the month to avoid any high rate of interest. This can also make it easier to keep track of expenses.