CSR Made Easy: Let Amber Green do it for you.

AmberGreen EnergyCorporate Social Responsibility is the buzz phrase of the moment when it comes to building your business and your brand. Any company worth their salt and that wants to give something back to its people and the community in which it operates is compelled to put in place a clear strategy that demonstrates strong values.

The AmberGreen team have everything in place to easily put renewable energies at the heart of your CSR policies – at no cost to you.

The benefits are many: as a business, using renewable solar energy can reduce your overheads and increase your appeal to eco-conscious customers. Promoting free solar to your workforce grows the opportunities for sustainability beyond your business premises and creates goodwill from your employees, which in turn can translate to a more motivated, engaged and loyal workforce.

Depending on what industry or marketplace you operate in, if you’re obligated to develop policies that put responsible practices into your daily operations, promoting and encouraging solar PV take up is a great way to do exactly that. Plus, you’ll be ticking all the boxes in terms of improved employee engagement, energy and environmental impact and responsible purchasing.

Done properly, a good CSR policy is an investment in the future of your business and your bottom line. And joining forces with AmberGreen Energy to promote free solar PV is the easiest way to do that. The AmberGreen team have put together a toolkit of information and advice to outline the benefits – and we’d be delighted to come to your workplace on a date and time that suits you to talk your team through the benefits of FREE solar PV systems. We’ve also got brochures and leaflets we can provide for free – and are happy to supply content for your social media and blog.

It’s so easy – and FREE – for your business to be even better. Talk to us today to set up a meeting or simply find out more without obligation. Trust the eco-experts to make your business greener!

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