How CRM software has streamlined businesses

| January 30, 2018

CRM softwareManaging customer relationships is a key competitive differentiator in modern business. With so many start-ups and established enterprises now able to deliver excellent products and services, driving customer retention and loyalty can be the difference between success and failure. CRM software allows you to track and manage a customer’s entire journey.

For example, you will be able to see when they visited your website, whether they navigated away from a web page before checking out, and the types of interactions they have had with your company.

All this information can be used to inform decision making in the future. CRM software will give you a better idea of your customer’s wants and needs so you can provide the user experiences they crave. In addition to tracking information, CRM can be used to streamline and automate repetitive tasks and to support data and analytics by providing recommendations and insights. It can also be tailored to your specific needs and be updated and customised with new features to scale with your business as it grows.

Streamlined informational organisation

Legacy sales departments had to rely on filing cabinets, physical documents and sticky notes to piece together a customer’s profile. This cumbersome approach made it difficult to perform any task quickly and efficiently and made it almost impossible to quantify or categorise any critical data for future reference. CRM software has revolutionised customer data management; you can now access a huge, on-demand database of customers and information via the cloud to source information in real time. Actionable data is available instantly, which saves a substantial amount of time and money.

Enhanced customer service

Three-quarters of consumers say they are likely to spend more money with a brand if it delivers a positive customer experience. CRM is central to customer service because it allows employees to retrieve a complete profile of past purchases, preferences and interactions, which can be used to assist customers when they contact your business. Making use of the growing mass of big data you collect on social sites and other platforms will be crucial during the next few years, and CRM enables you to bring all that relevant information together to support primary business functions.


Completing a sale is a never a singular activity, and it often requires the completion of hundreds of smaller tasks daily. Those tasks, which range from filling forms to addressing legal issues and compliance, can be burdensome for employees if they must complete them manually. CRM software streamlines the processes by automating them, which allows employees to channel their energies into closing leads and providing excellent customer service.

Multiple teams

Cloud CRM doesn’t just streamline the customer-facing processes; it can also support greater collaboration between multiple teams. Stored communications allow different departments to view contacts, phone call details, calendars and emails via an intuitive hub. That permits sales, marketing and customer service to share and work together to push consumers along the purchasing cycle. Working together in that way can transform revenue prospects as it drives efficiency and productivity.

Improve reporting

Analysing data and generating reports is essential for a modern business. Monitoring metrics and conducting data analytics will allow you to identify potential money-making opportunities and to assess the performance of sales and marketing teams. CRM software makes data tracking easy. Miscalculated data is no more because CRM provides a whole host of tools and plugins to analyse information and generate reports. Visual dashboard views also make it easy to see all the relevant information you need.

Up to date and relevant reports empower leaders to make better decisions, which increases customer satisfaction and drives profitability.

Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can give your business the edge it needs to get ahead in sales, service, marketing and social. The CRM software package is a complete solution for enterprises that want to embrace all the benefits of a hosted system to improve customer relationship management. It is cost-effective, flexible and scalable. It allows you to engage with customers on a range of connected devices, build networks, relationships and a sales pipeline, and find the right answers for all your customer’s queries in an instant.

Gartner believes cloud solutions will be the “default option” for software deployment by the end of next year and CRM software is a perfect gateway to the myriad of benefits that on demand, connected services can offer. CRM will not only streamline your processes but take them to the next level, which can be the catalyst for expansion and growth plans in today’s competitive business environment.

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