Christmas shouldn’t be Taxing for Businesses

Christmas is a busy time for any organisation. As the year begins to draw to a close, staff prepare for a well-earned break and many get into the festive spirit with multiple social outings. However, corporate entertainment at any time of the year can put a strain on the company purse strings.

‘Tis the season to share holiday cheer with clients, employees and to be financially festive and generous. This spirit of goodwill unfortunately has its consequences. Therefore, it’s also important to consider how the Christmas period affects your company fiscally, including the organisation’s tax implications.

Be strategic and avoid the new year financial woes by exploring your company’s eligibility for R&D Tax Credits. This financial incentive is designed to encourage companies to invest in research and development.

An entrepreneurial accountant will recognise the substantial tax benefits of the R&D Tax Credit scheme for a company’s finances. However, it’s recommended to speak directly to expert advisors for in-depth insights and guidance.

As a leading team of R&D Tax Credit specialists, The Momentum Group works in partnership with innovative and forward-thinking accountancy firms, businesses and organisations across a multitude of sectors within Northern Ireland, ROI and across the UK.

Momentum is ideally positioned to share top, strategic advice to ensure companies fully enjoy the festive season, safe in the knowledge they have maximised their R&D benefit for the year.

Companies wishing to expand their innovative processes may be unaware that they can claim for a range of consumables under the R&D Tax Credits scheme including staff and director costs, software, utility bills and more.

At Momentum, we have helped hundreds of large and small highly competitive companies across a range of sectors to reach their maximum potential, with assistance from R&D Tax Credits. We provide expert knowledge and support throughout the claiming process, including areas such as investment in understanding and optimising R&D expenditure.

Through helping companies to avail of this UK government incentive, our expert team of chartered accountants, business, commercial and ex-HMRC technical are each championing the innovation taking place in Northern Ireland. We pride ourselves on being able to play our part in helping companies avail of the generous R&D Tax Credits initiative, promoting Northern Ireland’s reputation as a thriving business landscape.

Find out if you qualify for R&D Tax Credits at or contact us on 028 9140 4030 for a confidential no obligation review.

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