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Businesses discuss needs to Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful

Local businesses, government and NGOs met at a seminar hosted by local charity Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful in collaboration with Coca-Cola HBC, the European Litter Prevention Association and the Department of Agriculture, Environment, Rural Affairs, to discuss how they can take action to tackle the ongoing issue of litter and marine debris.

Eamonn Bates, European Litter Prevention Association / Clean Europe Network Secretary General; Louise Sullivan Director Public Affairs & Communications, Coca-Cola HBC NI; Orla Ruddle, Waste Recycling & EU Environment Funding Team, Environmental Policy Division, Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs; Ian Humphreys, Chief Executive, Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful

The seminar welcomed speakers from all over Europe, including representatives from Greggs, Pritchitts, RiverRidge, Huhtamaki, Clean Up Britain, Mooimakers and Keep Scotland Beautiful.  Keynote speaker, Secretary General of Clean Europe Network, Eamonn Bates, led the seminar and round table discussions with attendees, addressing challenges and sharing best practice on circular economy.

Dr Ian Humphreys, CEO of Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful said:  “Today’s seminar is a crucial step in seeking meaningful action from businesses which address marine pollution and in particular, single use plastics. Ignoring marine plastic pollution is simply not an option. Today’s event provided the opportunity for businesses to reflect on this ongoing issue, to understand the forthcoming European legislation and to consider possible responses for our own sectors.”


Public Affairs and Communications Director at Coca-Cola HBC, Louise Sullivan said: “As a business, we believe in growing responsibly while minimising our impact on the environment. Through Coca-Cola’s new World Without Waste strategy, we aim to fundamentally change how we design, collect and partner with others to improve packaging sustainability.  It is unacceptable that packaging ends up in the wrong place, in our oceans and waterways or littering the communities where we work and live. We were delighted to be involved today to discuss each business’ responsibility to help ensure our impact is a positive one, and that our actions inspire others to help generate solutions that leave our world better for generations to come.”

Live Here Love Here is an inspiring partnership between the Department of Agriculture Environment and Rural Affairs; Choice Housing; Northern Ireland Housing Executive; Coca-Cola; McDonald’s and ten local councils, working alongside Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful.