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Business advice for students. How you start own business?

entrepreneurs Most entrepreneurs start their business when the opportunity presents itself rather than out of necessity. In today’s article, we would like to tell you how to capitalize on the opportunity and how to start your own company even if you are still in college.

Thanks to the modern technology, in a short period of time, you can move from shaping an idea to paying customers. But many students never start their own business even if they encounter the best business to start because they think that there might be too many obstacles on the path to success.

Where to start?

Focus an idea that works for you.

“Most people think they know what they are good at – usually they are wrong.”

Many entrepreneurs cannot seem to understand why their business is not doing good. However, it can become much more successful and profitable if you start doing what you love. Do not start a business focusing on your weaknesses. If you like basketball, but you are not good enough to play it professionally, then do not go for it, as you are likely to suffer a fiasco.

You need to start a business around things that naturally fit you whether it be public speaking, video marketing or social networks, etc.

Here are some small business ideas: If you are good at talking and knowing how to ask questions, think about starting a podcast or blog. If you are super organized, you can become a good virtual assistant. If you are good at writing, check over here this service.

Do not ignore trends

Another reason why students and startups in general fail is that the founder ignores industry trends.

Our business advice is that you should learn to see problems as opportunities to help people. You will earn money as a reward for your solution. The amount of money earned depends on the scale of problems that you and your company solve no matter what kind of degree you got in college whether it is a business management degree or an English philology one.

Test your ideas fast

Joel Salatin once said to a 19-year-old student taking business studies courses: Sometimes good enough is perfect.”

This philosophy implies the creation of prototypes, which are quite good versions for testing on the market. The biggest mistake that new entrepreneurs make is create something that no one wants to buy.

Using prototyping, you focus on creating what people will pay money for quickly. So do not postpone the launch of your business because you want to make it perfect. With time, you will lose interest, and the project is going to remain unrealized.

Implement what customers want

When it comes to growth and business tips, do not fall for your idea. The idea makes you start, but be ready to implement changes. Improve your idea with experiments and tests. Otherwise, you will fail just like so many students did.

Optimize your pricing

Most enterprises misjudge their pricing policy. So the first thing that young entrepreneurs ought to do is focus on pricing optimization and economics, which is a study of the distribution of limited resources. The product/service’s prices of most enterprises are too low or too high. Unless you are an Arab sheik, you, like most people, have a limited amount of money.

So, focus on testing different pricing policies to ensure the demand for your product or service. If people do not pay a penny, close the company or switch to something else. But if the product sells well or you can set a premium price in the market, you are ready to scale.


For scaling, we distinguish two things: free viral marketing and paid advertising. But your product should be good enough before you market it, as otherwise, people will not fall for it.

If your idea is good, use discussions, humor, and drama in your marketing.

Once you have a hit product that becomes viral, you want to invest in paid marketing. Most people try to run paid ads too early, which is a costly mistake. They try to market something that people have not noticed yet.

Turn to business coaches for help

All known world-class entrepreneurs have coaches and mentors. Regardless of where you start, a mentor will be able to provide answers that you will not find on the Internet. Such wise answers will shorten your learning time, and their personal experience will reassure and support you.

There are four options for learning: personal meetings (the best way), online, through books (the easiest way) or various types of business degrees and no learning at all.

In conclusion, we would like to encourage students to start their own business and solve problems that they think people have. This way, our lives will become much easier, and you will find something that you love doing.

Sandra Hayward Bio

Sandra Hayward is a 34-year-old entrepreneur living in LA. She started her own small company when she was still a student, and now it is on the rise. She also runs her own blog where shares valuable ideas and experience with other aspiring-to-success people.