Branching Out: A Guide for Finding Your First Office

Plenty of young professionals and experienced businesspeople are more interested in starting their new business journey than joining someone else’s. That’s why we’ve seen a steady rise in the number of startup businesses being created across the world, harnessing the diverse skills and abilities of high achievers. As well as dealing with the many complicated aspects of building your brand and registering your company, if you’re hiring staff, you’re going to need to find a place for them to work. This guide talks you through some options when it comes to finding your first office space.

Check Business Listings

 Everyone will have seen the ‘to let’ signs for office spaces that prod out of blocks of offices in most towns and cities. They’re awaiting a business with the right funds and of the right size to move in and occupy the building, creating the office space that they desire. If you’re a startup, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to rent a whole office floor, but if you’re established as a business, and you’re looking to expand, you should check the regular office space advertisements on websites online.

Discover Co-Working Spaces

 For the smallest businesses, there’s no option but to find a space that you’ll share with other companies of the same size. That’s no bad thing! Co-working spaces are some of the most vibrant, exciting, stimulating places to work, with a rich pool of talented and motivated individuals with whom you’ll be sharing time, space and conversation while going about your day-to-day business. Check out for exciting spaces you’ll be able to inhabit in London, where co-working is becoming a more and more desirable mode of engaging in business.

Unique Ideas & Business Collaborations

 It might not apply to all businesses or individuals, but offices need not be in the kind of grey and dreary surrounds that TV sitcom ‘The Office’ used as its base of satire. Innovative office spaces are being created across the country in plenty of places in which you might not expect to find hard-working businesspeople. From converted country mansions to renovated terraced housing, there’s no end to the office space possibilities if you’ve got the cash to invest in doing a place up. Invest is the key word here. If you improve your property over time, it’ll be an asset to your company in the long-run.

 Additionally, for many operating in the startup ecosystem, this won’t be the first time that they’ve occupied an office. If it is, though, you may feel more secure by teaming up with another business in order to take a larger space and share it between your two organisations. Not only will this open up more exciting opportunities in terms of office spaces to take, but you’ll also be more comfortable sharing with individuals who’ll become friends and perhaps even collaborators in your work to come.

Finding your first office space need not be a daunting task! This guide lists three main options when looking for a place to set up shop, whether you’re a large organisation or a small, start-up enterprise.

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