Best Products to Start Your Own Cleaning Company

| July 10, 2018

Cleaning CompanyAre you thinking about starting your own cleaning company? If the answer is yes, then you need to carefully consider what cleaning products and materials you will need before starting your first cleaning job. Having a full stock of cleaning supplies and products will mean that as soon as you get your first customer, you’re ready to go!

Below we explore the key cleaning products that you will need when you are a new cleaning company.

Colour coded buckets and mops

The mop and bucket are an essential piece of cleaning kit for every cleaning job. Using colour coded buckets and mops will ensure that you use the correct mop and bucket for your designated room, as you should use separate cleaning equipment for the bathroom and kitchen.

Cleaning caddy

Every cleaner needs to be organised! They need to carry all cleaning products and equipment with them and be sure that they have everything to hand. To make life easier, always use a cleaning caddy. This nifty piece of kit will keep all your products together and will allow you to easily access them.

Foam backed scourers

The foam-backed scourer is your versatile cleaning cloth, and you’ll need a lot of them. The good news is that they are fairly inexpensive. The abrasive side will easily help you clean those pots and pans plus cooker tops, while you can use the sponge side to wipe down any surfaces after cleaning.

Lambswool flicks

These special dusters can easily reach a variety of surfaces to lift and then remove dirt and dust. Suitable for cleaning blinds, lampshades and shelving, they can easily be washed and then used and used again and again.

Colour coded hand sprayers

Hand sprayers are cost effective and can be used for a variety of cleaning solutions and water. The different colours will ensure that you know exactly what is inside the bottle, and which room they should be used in. The hand sprayer emits a fine spray and is suitable for use with detergents, oven cleaners and window cleaner.

Microfibre cloths

The microfibre cloth is a common staple for every cleaner. These useful cloths can be used wet or dry, and on a variety of different surfaces. Use wet to clean countertops, bathroom taps and to mop up spills. Use dry as a duster and to polish glass and household ornaments.

Rubber gloves

Every cleaner needs to wear rubber gloves. Buy several pairs so that you can use them for each job, and then simply soak overnight to use again the following day. Gloves will protect your skin when using chemicals, such as bleach, when washing up, or when cleaning areas such as the toilet

Cleaning products

You will need a vast array of cleaning products for when you begin. Bleach is a common cleaning product and can be used to clean toilets, sinks and drains, while using it diluted can clean work surfaces and floors. You’ll also need floor cleaners, oven cleaner, window spray, furniture polish and disinfectant spray.

Good luck with your new cleaning company and make sure you stock up on those essential cleaning products!

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