Being ASDA – Eileen Moore in conversation with Ulster University Business School

“I have not only enjoyed the Developing Managers course this year but I have grown as a leader within my business. This course has given me key leadership qualities and confidence to use with my team. I would recommend this course to other managers.”

 Eileen Moore, Customer and People Trading Manager at ASDA, Ballyclare, Northern Ireland is the second student to be profiled in our “Studying Success” series.  Eileen is currently studying for a BSc Hons in Management Practice at the Ulster University Business School.

What is your current role?

I am currently a Customer and People Trading Manager at Asda; this role covers all service and human resource areas within a large Superstore.  I have worked as an Ecommerce Manager and a Store Manager for Asda.

What did you study at the Ulster University Business School?

I started my learning journey embarking on a Developing Managers course which lead to a Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Management Practice and have recently progressed to the BSc (Hons) in Management Practice.

The Developing Managers course was really helpful and encourages growing managers in any business setting to study and analyse a range of business topics to become a more effective leader.  The course introduced me to self-reflection and has provided me with a set of competencies that will support me with the opportunities and challenges presented by an ever changing business environment in ASDA.  I believe the course will provide me with a great platform for my future career.

Why did you choose this course?

After five years in the same position, I changed roles within Asda.  I knew I needed to refresh and refocus my leadership skills within a different role but also on a personal level I hoped this would give me confidence to progress and succeed in my career which it did.

I had set myself a goal of completing a degree in Management within two years, the Developing Managers course gave me the opportunity and springboard to progress to my goal.  Successful completion of the Developing Managers course provided me with an opportunity to proceed to the final year of the BSc Hons in Management Practice.

The Developing Managers course was also aligned with my desire not just to pass assignments but also to prepare for future career opportunities and development once I had graduated. The course developed both my leadership and management knowledge, skills and behaviours as well as general business skills and acumen.  This learning has given me the agility and flexibility to move between roles, industries and sectors as my career develops.

What attracted you to the Ulster University Business School?

I had heard positive feedback from a colleague who had recently successfully graduated from the course, he had recommended the Ulster Business School highlighting how studying there can lead to a wider and more fulfilling career with greater earning potential and employability.

Another strength of the Ulster University Business Schools Developing Managers course was the scheduling of the module workshop and assignments.  The work based assignments captured the immediate application of theory to my own practice. Course design and delivery was intensive and challenging yet recognised my busy management schedule and kept in mind work-life balance. Small group size, a high degree of class participation and a diverse mix of participants all enhanced the learning experience and provided me with excellent networking opportunities.   This allowed a great fit around my job and being a parent.   There was always support with any area required.  I met some amazing people whilst studying which was a great personal motivator.

What part of the course do you enjoy most?

I really enjoyed studying Leadership, as this gave me the opportunity to study a range of leadership models and frameworks, effective qualities and leadership behaviours.  This practically oriented module encouraged me to apply the new knowledge and skills to my current leadership and coaching practice resulting in increased personal effectiveness and generating impact in my team and organisation.

The course is tailored for you and was adjusted to the needs of students ensuring maximum levels of interest and participation within the classroom.  It was structured around six modules: The Future of Work, Improving Organisational Performance, Marketing, Leadership Practice, Change Management and a Management Practice Study Visit. There was always strong encouragement for all students to interact with the topic being discussed.  I always felt comfortable and relaxed in all classes.  Module facilitators continuously monitored our progress and patiently helped with student queries.

How will this qualification help in your future career?

This qualification has enabled me to become a better leader within my business and provided me with new knowledge and insight within my management role at all levels in ASDA. I have used my skills on a daily basis within my role as People and Customer Trading Manager in ASDA and have coached others in my team using my new confidence and management knowledge.

Who do you admire most in the business world and why?

The business person I most admire is Sam Walton, who founded Walmart and Sam’s Club.   Sam was an inspirational leader, who listened to all his colleagues and customers, he genuinely cared about all people.  Sam always seen his business through people, making people at the heart of his business decisions.

 “Leaders must always put their people before themselves.  If you do that, your business will take care of itself.”  Sam Walton

If you would like further information on the Developing Managers Course or the BSc Hons Management Practice please contact Janette Sheerman on 07793539280 or email [email protected]

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