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Avoiding inertia

Given that this is the first blog of another new year I thought I would try to get hold of you while you are still in the throes of New Year exuberance and potentially more open to having a crack at something new. You know the drill: new waistline, new self-help guide, new fitness regimen etc, says Gavin Woods, Business Development Director at Nitec Solutions.

I managed to put on 10 lbs in the last quarter of 2018 so that needs to be jettisoned and we all have little areas to be put right. Judging by some of my dashboards a number of folk have a good bit to put right so I thought I would take an opportunity to encourage you. Rather than beat people up about the state of their networks we have a tried and tested system for taking the pain out of security improvements.

By the way, at Nitec we live in the real world. I genuinely believe we have some of the most secure networks out there, but the population average is a poor benchmark. So, when we talk about poor security it is more of a reference to things easily put right that make a huge difference rather than a malaise.

Slow and Steady with Security

If any of you have tried crash diets, you know how well they work. You starve yourself and lose 6 lbs in the first two weeks and then one evening you have a realisation it’s over while emptying into your mouth the crumbs from a Pringles tube you bought on your way home. The bottom line is that “crash” anything is a bad idea and steady progress is easier to stick to and longer lasting.

Security is no different. You start off with the best of intentions and you’re going to kill dead things (as they say in Northern Ireland). After attempting a password change, multifactor and a firewall rule update the same week the CEO pays you a visit to tell he hasn’t had a single email in two days and you are never to touch security again, EVER!

Doing Things the Nitec Way

Our methodology is different. Our portal shows the work that needs to be done and we feel it is better to set a target to change one thing a month in 2019. The difference that this can make is huge. We have seen customers who started last year thinking they had a mountain to climb that was insurmountable and finished the year in a massively improved state. The security landscape is always changing and there will always be something to do but we are talking major steps forward.

As we always say, security is a matter of layers and the more layers you have the more difficult you make it for someone to penetrate your defences un-noticed.

So, this January get in touch with your account manager and get with the program. Start with a 30-minute review call each month and target one item each month. Your future self will thank you.

If you’re reading this and you’re not a Nitec customer, we would love to chat and show what we can offer and help you secure your IT systems properly so feel free to drop me an email or give us a call on our office number. We would love to help.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and prosperous 2019!