Atlas Communications opens data centre in North West

Mervyn Watley, Director of Real Estate and Corporate Services, Northern Ireland Science Park and Mark Skillen, General Manager, Atlas Communications
Mervyn Watley, Director of Real Estate and Corporate Services, Northern Ireland Science Park and Mark Skillen, General Manager, Atlas Communications

Atlas Communications, one of Northern Ireland’s leading suppliers of public and private sector telephony and network solutions, has launched a new high speed data centre in the North West.

The data centre, the result of a joint venture between Atlas and the North West Regional Science Park, promises to boost the local economy by attracting top quality tech companies to Derry~Londonderry.

It’s an eco-friendly, highly efficient facility which provides local high speed cloud-sharing to support NWRSP tenants, as well as the wider business community and SMEs throughout Ireland,” said Mark Skillen, General Manager of Atlas.

We are not only providing an essential service to the growth of Knowledge Economy businesses in the technology sector, we are also facilitating the whole of the small business sector in bringing their data home to a secure and cost effective facility.”

Mark explained that due to a limited choice of facilities available in the local market place local companies often sent their hardware and data to overseas data centres with the attendant issues that this brought in control and uncertainty.

With changes in data protection legislation many local businesses now have to pay premium rates to ensure that data is hosted within Europe.

Northern Ireland recognises the importance of data centre facilities and providing related services to local customers – but, in actual fact, there are very few physical resources located here.”

The new data centre takes advantage of high speed links available in Derry City, making the North West one of the most highly advanced and connected technology centres in Ireland.”

Mervyn Watley, Director of Real Estate and Corporate Services for NWRSP, said: “The data centre, which is housed in the Innovation Centre, is a unique offering that allows us to provide support services to tenants who are ultimately trading in a global marketplace and have to be accordingly competitive.

It’s one of the most eco-friendly facilities in the sector in that it features an innovative energy efficient cooling and ventilating system which integrates seamlessly into the fabric of the building and contributes significantly to reducing its overall environmental impact.”

One of the first customers for the new data centre is Biznet, which supplies a web-based supplier performance management application to the oil and gas market, as well as multi-national pharmaceutical companies.

Daniel McLaughlin, Head of Hosting and Infrastructure, said: “Our decision to move into NWRSP was underpinned by guaranteed access to high quality telecommunications connectivity. Security of data storage and retrieval is critical to our global client base – we need to access our data 24/7/365, anywhere in the world.

Atlas Communications, with a facility certified to ISO 27001 standard, has now become our chosen partner for this. The fact that Atlas also has an office on site effectively means that we have extended our own in-house telecoms support.”

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