Artist Kathryn Callaghan Work On Display On Every Floor Grand Central Hotel, Belfast

Award-winning artist Kathryn Callaghan has created a custom piece of art now displayed on each of the 23 floors of Belfast’s newest hotel, the Grand Central on the city’s Bedford Street.

Kathryn’s seahorse image is an original work commissioned by the Hastings family as the work on the new iconic hotel was in its early stages.

She said: “To be honoured in such a way as to be asked to complete a work for this tremendous entrepreneurial family who have contributed so much to Belfast and Northern Ireland meant so much to me” said Kathryn.

“When I learned that the painting was to be displayed on each and every floor of the Grand Central I was absolutely delighted.”

Howard Hastings said that the image Kathryn produced matched the Grand Central’s location and its brand: “In the early days of the Grand Central project I commissioned the seahorse from Kathryn Callaghan as a gift for my father.

“As the project neared completion we were delighted to ask Kathryn Callaghan to use the image throughout the hotel.  The seahorse motif has long been the symbol of Belfast’s maritime heritage and it was the symbol of the original Grand Central Hotel too.

“Kathryn’s work is unique and innovative and represents the rich artistic talent we have here in Northern Ireland.

“It is a beautiful piece of work and we are proud to display it on every floor of the hotel throughout the building.”

Kathryn’s work has achieved worldwide acclaim and has been sold across the UK, US and Europe, as well as having commissioned work for Druid’s Glen, Bushmills Inn and JN Wines Firework Flower wine label.

Kathryn works from her own studio in Lisbane, producing a range of work under the name Kathryn Callaghan Fine Art (KC Fine Art).

Established in 2013, Kathryn’s innovative works includes original pieces, limited edition giclee prints, open edition giclee prints, and specially commissioned artwork.

Kathryn’s art is sold directly to private collectors and customers via her website and the Lisbane-based KCFA art studio, as well as through a select range of art galleries across the UK, such as The Yard Gallery in Holywood, Cloud Gallery in Worthing, Horsham, Chichester, Brighton and Guilford, and Gallery Rouge in St Albans, Harpenden and Norwich.

Kathryn’s work has also been used on set for ‘Liar, Liar’ and ‘Dr Foster’, and the recent Pierce Brosnan and Jackie Chan movie ‘The Foreigner’.

Since 2014, KC Fine Art has invited licensees to collaborate with the brand to create beautiful products for the modern home and lifestyle and has a new homeware and accessories range featuring artwork by Kathryn.

In September Kathryn was also commissioned to create the bottle label artwork by Mourne Dew Distillery for their latest product Kilbroney Gin.

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