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Advanced Social Media Marketing: How to Use Twitter for Business

Twitter for BusinessWith over 300 million users worldwide who share more than 500 million pieces of content daily, Twitter is a must in your social media suite. No matter who your audience is, the chances are you can find them on the microblogging platform.

So, now the question becomes: how do you reach out to them and engage them?

If you’ve been diligent about your social media efforts, then most probably you’ve tried to connect with prospects via Twitter as well. But, as you’ve probably discovered, posting only promotional content didn’t make much of an impact on your numbers. That’s because Twitter is a highly interactive platform where you need to speak your audience’s language and not be afraid to showcase your human side if you want to start a conversation and keep it going.

If you want to make the most out of Twitter’s advertising capabilities, then this article is for you. We will talk about how to use Twitter’s specific marketing options to your business’ advantage.

Define Your Goals 

First things first: you can’t have a clear strategy without understanding what you’re aiming for with your efforts. Define your Twitter marketing objectives and then break them down into measurable, more specific goals.  Keep the process well organized and don’t forget to set a clear evaluation timetable that will allow you to check your progress constantly. That can help you understand better what’s working and of where you might need to readjust your approach.

Make It about Your Audience

Few things are as off-putting to your audience as an impersonal, overinflated sales-y tone. If there is anything you should bear in mind is that people want you to see and address them as humans, rather than as extensions of their credit cards. As Sarah Louise Burns advice, you might want to consider a multiple accounts strategy. Individual “work” Twitter accounts for members of your company can serve as mean to building a high engagement rate with your audience. Your employees could personalize tweets and them more diverse and far-reaching.

Have High-Quality, Unique Content

If you want to boost your Twitter engagement, then it’s vital to invest in high quality, unique content. Cross-posting might sound tempting and is definitely easy to accomplish but try not to rely just on that. Instead, focus on creating content that speaks about your brand and adds value to your audience.

Focus on addressing your audience’s interests, as well as their needs or fears. Do not shy away from visual content as it still is a powerful, concise engagement tool. Get smart about the use of hashtags and take advantage of their capabilities to classify and group content and make it easily accessible to your audience. Remember the best hashtag formula for increased engagement, as preached by Neil Patel: use 1-2 hashtags and choose them wisely.

Use Twitter tools

Growing your brand and increasing engagement is a priority. Using Twitter tools can help you achieve that with a bit of more ease. Not to mention it will allow you to keep track of your performance. From analyzing your competition, conveniently timing your posts and to monitoring progress and engagement levels, there’s pretty much nothing Twitter tools can’t help you do. Here is a list of the most important ones you can (and should) start using right away.


Twitter is a great platform to generate leads and increase your audience, but one thing to remember is that with thousands of new tweets every second, you have to make sure you keep yours relevant and unique. That means a memorable bio and profile photo, with strategically designed and timed tweets. Add to this a constant tracking and monitoring of your progress and your Twitter marketing success should already be waiting for you.