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Actionable Tips on Community Activities for Your Business

Giving back to the community around your business is a lot more than doing once-a-year CSR programs. It needs to be a mission for the business as well as a part of everyday business activities. The benefits you get from doing community activities are tangible and measurable, giving you even more reasons to give back to the community.

There is a lot more you can do to give back, with some strategies and tactics being more impactful than others. To help you get started with your own community activities, we are going to take a look at some of the more actionable tips in this article.

Invest Time

One of the best ways to get started with community development is by investing time. The idea behind this approach is simple; you let employees choose the community activities they want to support, and then allow them to allocate a small portion of their work hours to those activities.

This approach can lead to many great things. Employees can be the leading edge of community development in many ways. They can contribute their time to helping children learn new skills, assisting teens in mentorship programs, and even taking part in programs such as neighbourhood clean-ups.

The presence of your employees in these community activities creates a huge impact of its own. You can take this approach a step further by providing employees with additional resources they need, including books for the children they teach or cleaning equipment for the clean-up program.

React to Emergencies

One of the most memorable cases of businesses – and business owners – helping the local communities around them is when Olympiacos owner Evangelos Marinakis decided to take the whole team to Mandra after a devastating flood.

Mr. Marinakis and the team were the first to offer help. They were able to do this thanks to the support of other businesses owned by Mr. Marinakis. The goal was clear and simple: Olympiacos had to do whatever it took to help those affected by the floods in Mandra.

Turning your business into a means to help others in need is incredibly rewarding not only from the business’s standpoint but also from a personal point of view. The bond between your business and the local community will be stronger as a result.

Think Industry

Giving back to the community doesn’t necessarily have to be about charity and social movements. You can also find ways to help the industry that supports the community, helping the community grow alongside your business in the process.

This is something that Booking.com does through its Booking Cares program. The program’s primary objective is driving awareness for sustainable tourism and taking a more active stance in preserving popular destinations.

If you own a restaurant, you can create programs to help local community members be a part of the supply chain (i.e. through urban farming and other approaches). You can also promote more use of clean energy for the same reason.

As you can see, there are so many things you can do to really support the community around you. These tips will help you formulate your own community action programs.