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A New Ireland: a ten year plan? – book launch

‘A New Ireland: a ten year plan?’ is being launched by author Paul Gosling at events in Dublin and Belfast tomorrow (7th December).

 The book considers the prospect for Irish reunification in the context of the impact of Brexit and demographic changes in Northern Ireland, alongside the economic strength and increasing social liberalism of the Irish Republic.

 Author Paul Gosling said: “Things are changing in Ireland, north and south.  Many more people in Northern Ireland who were born into unionist traditions are considering for the first time whether life in a united Ireland might be better, in terms of being part of a stronger economy and a more open social attitude.

 “But the problems associated with the Brexit referendum result demonstrate the danger of having a yes/no vote without considering first the full impact of the possible outcomes. 

“So it is essential that Irish society – on both sides of the border – enters into conversations now about what a reunited Ireland would look like and how we could achieve an outcome in which all communities are content.  My book suggests that it is sensible to have a ten year strategy to address underlying problems such as the fiscal and economic under-performance of Northern Ireland and the inadequate health services in both the Republic and the north. 

“More than anything, we need to have sensible and tolerant conversations about the future – as soon as possible.”

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