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7 Tips for Turning Your Hobby & Skill into a Money Making Career

fundingMost people have some hobbies to spend their free time while being active and creative. Hobbies give you more learning and help you to spend your hours productive. But, have you ever tried to convert your hobbies and skills to generate some revenue?

If you haven’t done it, you are missing a chance to advance yourself and losing a wonderful income opportunity. Be it cooking, knitting, gardening, or photography, once you focus on revenue, you will expand your thoughts and start learning and experimenting more with the hobby. If you are passionate enough, you can convert it into your career.

Here are some tips or strategies to convert your hobby or skill into a wonderful money-making career.

Sell Your Products

With a single hobby, you can generate income in multiple ways. But the first choice is always selling the primary outcome of your hobby – possibly some products. For instance, if you love knitting, you can craft your creativity and sell it in your locality or market it over the internet.

If you are planning to sell it over the internet, you can either list it with any of the online retailer platforms or reach out to wholesale buyers in your product category. Both forms of sales need limited marketing. Therefore, you will get more time to concentrate on your hobby. If you decide to sell your products directly to the end users, you need to have a proper business plan.

Create Videos and Tutorials

Similarly, you can create videos and tutorials about your hobby and upload it to YouTube and other video channels. Based on the number of viewers, you will get revenue from it per the YouTube monetization program.

For instance, if you are a crazy online casino gamer, you can create videos about your strategies to win various casino games. Since there is a huge audience waiting for quality instructions and tips, you valued inputs will sure offer you some good income.

Write Online

People who have good writing skills can write about their hobbies. It can be about new thoughts and ideas in your hobby, reviews of various products that come under your hobby, your experiences and learnings, and more.

You can either write for websites, which deal with your hobby, for payment or begin a blog. Blogging is a good idea if you can dedicate yourself and work around a plan. Your quality blogs will help you to establish an authority in your hobby online. It will open you more doors of opportunity like business ventures, partnerships, and more apart from ad revenues.

Find a Job Related to Your Hobby

It is a good idea to find a job related to your hobby. It will help you to dedicate your hours for your passion and learn new things. You can search jobs in your locality or find something online based on the type of the hobby.

For instance, if you are a fitness geek, you can search for jobs in the health clubs in your area. Similarly, if you love any sport, you can apply to local newspapers as a sports reporter.

Photograph Your Hobby

Photographing your hobby and selling it online is another great option to convert your hobby to quality income. This is particularly a good option for people who have some photography and editing skills. Quality photographs of everything get good demand in specialty sites.

For instance, if you can knit some good designs, you can photograph it and sell them to photo stocking sites like istockphoto.com. Remember, each design photo is an education to people who have the same hobbies and interests, and the photos will help them to generate new ideas.

Start a Website

Launching a website targeting your hobby is a great idea. It is an option that would help you to combine some of the above-mentioned options and deliver a comprehensive service.

You can sell your products, write blogs and articles about the hobby, creating video lessons and more through your website. But, it needs long-term strategies, and you should be patient enough to make your site a success with good quality products and contents. It gives you income in the form of profit from products as well as website monetization.

Publish E-books

Writing E-books about your hobbies and passion is another great option. Rather than reading articles or blogs, a large section of people loves more serious and comprehensive reading about their hobbies. To target them, you can write E-books, publish it online, and earn the royalties.

The Kindle Direct Publishing of Amazon gives you the option to self-publish your books. It also offers royalty up to 70 percent of the sales. By using global platforms like Amazon, you are actually getting readers across the globe.


Compared to your job, you are more passionate and dedicated to your hobby as you love it. It makes you more creative and different in your hobby. It reflects in your offerings based on your hobby and has greater chances of success.