6 Reasons Why Your Law Firm Clients Leave

For law firms, it is essential to have an understanding of why their clients are leaving. This could be done by asking for a direct feedback from those who have jumped ship. It will give you insights on what else can be done better to avoid losing valuable customers in the future.

Lack of Time

Lawyers can be taking in more than one case at a time, which makes them busy. Some clients might feel that they are ignored or that they are not important. They would assume that lawyers are giving attention to bigger customers who can bring in more revenue to the firm. One way to have more time is to reduce the time spent in administrative tasks and instead, have it handled by a legal management software like Rocket Matter.

Delayed Invoices

Clients hate it when the invoices get delayed as this can ruin their cash flow. When they do not receive an invoice on time, they will take this as a sign that the firm is taking care of more important clients. A simple way to solve this problem is to use a billing technology. With your legal billing software, the issuance of invoices can be scheduled, making sure that clients will be able to receive them on time.

Exorbitant Prices

While legal services can indeed be expensive, some clients might feel that the cost is too much for the quality of the service that they are receiving. When this happens, the natural reaction is to look for another service provider, specifically one that offers a more affordable price. With this, law firms should know how to create value-based pricing, which is better compared to traditional fee arrangements in the legal sector.

Incompetent Lawyers

Many clients of law firms may have no idea of how exactly the law works, but it does not take a genius to figure out if they are working with a lawyer who lacks the know-how in their profession. Clients will most likely leave when the lawyers are unable to provide them with concrete answers on their legal predicaments.

Unfriendly Lawyers

It is not only the incompetence of the lawyers that can make the clients leave but also their lack of a cordial attitude. While they should remain professional while providing legal services, they should also be friendly. This will make the clients feel at ease with the attorney they are working with. If the lawyer feels intimidating, clients will leave.

Lack of Empathy

More than being friendly, the lawyers should also show empathy to their clients. The clients should feel that the lawyers understand their situation. Empathy is essential in legal practice, making it important for lawyers to show that they also have emotions.

Clients leave for a variety of reasons. Whatever these reasons are, the law firm should be proactive in looking for ways to fix the issues so that they can build client loyalty, which will be instrumental in achieving profitability.

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