6 Benefits of Google Data Studio for Your Business

Google Data StudioEvery business compiles reports, right? But it’s often a time-consuming process; finding the data you need from all the different marketing platforms you use and collating that data into one huge spreadsheet that you hope makes sense. You’ll probably have to repeat this every month, quarter and year…. but this is where Google Data Studio comes in to save the day – and your sanity.

Google Data Studio can help turn reporting from being a lengthy, tedious task to a quick and easy one – and we should know! At GlowMetrics we use Data Studio to create live, interactive and branded reports for our clients. For us, and our clients it’s been a total game changer.

Based on our own personal experience we’ve compiled some of the reasons we think your business needs to start using Google Data Studio.

Real-time & Interactive Reports

Data Studio collects real-time data from YouTube, Google Ads, and Google Analytics to allow you to create real-time, dynamic and interactive dashboards. This means you can create your report, send it on to your chosen recipients and they can modify the date range and even add filters to get the real-time (or past) data and metrics they need.

Google Data StudioYou Can Collect Data from Dozens of Sources

By default, Data Studio can collect data from YouTube, Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Sheets. You can also use “connectors” to pull information from third-party websites like Facebook, Bing and MailChimp to name just a few. With just a bit of legwork, you can easily create a report that integrates dozens of different sources to help you gain valuable insights into your cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Data Blending

A recent update to Data Studio is the new Data blending Feature! Among the Data Studio community, it was one of the most heavily requested features and it truly enhances the power of Data Studio. Data Blending is the ability to ‘blend’ or ‘combine’ multiple data sources into one single chart or graph in Data Studio. So for example, you may have multiple Google Analytics views for your website such as a Desktop and Mobile Only views. Data Blending allows you to see that data combined into one singular graph so you can easily consume both data sets rather than having separate visuals in the same report.

It’s Fully Customisable

Data Studio gives you the ability to create totally customisable dashboards. You can start out with a blank template or use a pre-programmed template, whatever you choose you can quickly drag and drop widgets, charts, and data to create a totally unique report. You can also choose different colours, fonts, and formatting options, to match your organisation’s brand.

Google Data StudioCollaboration at Its Finest

One of the best features of Data Studio is how easy it is to share your reports and collaborate with others. You can share your reports with anyone you’d like and allow them to comment, view, or edit your data, you can even work on the same report at the same time. Assigning user specific permissions is another great feature, so for example, you can give your client “view-only” access so they don’t change anything without you knowing.

It’s Totally Free!

Yep, that’s right. Google Data Studio is FREE.  They say the best things in life come for free, and this is no exception.  There are lots of paid-for reporting software out there but why pay when you’ve got Data Studio at your fingertips for free?

Visit https://datastudio.google.com to get started.

About GlowMetrics

We’ll work with you to understand your requirements, help define your KPIs, hook up your data sources, develop a visual theme and deliver your reports. If you would like more information on building out a Google Data Studio Report for your business please reach out to via our Contact page.

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