5 Ways to Boost Office Efficiency

5 Ways to Boost Office EfficiencyWe all want to get the most from our employees. There are plenty of bombastic perks out there to motivate your team, but sometimes it is the simple things that can increase productivity and get everyone working more efficiently.

If you’re looking for ideas to give everyone a boost, here are some to try out at your company.

Listen to Your Staff

As a business owner, it is worth investing time in getting the thoughts of your employees. Inviting them to make suggestions can show you trust your team. This therefore gives them the boost to work harder because they know you respect their opinion. Plus, the things they come up with could ultimately help the company in the long run, so it works both ways.

Hold regular catch ups where you ask for feedback or introduce a suggestion box. This will open up a dialogue and give you the opportunity to plan for the future.

Keep Them Comfortable

One of the main things that makes a job attractive or dreadful to an employee is the environment they work in. By investing in making your office a little more comfortable than the average, your employees are going to feel all the more valued. The more valued your staff feel, the more production they will become, and the fewer complaints you’ll receive.

This doesn’t have to be an overly expensive proposition either. By making simple improvements to the office furnishings or keeping the kitchen area well-stocked with tea, coffee and the like, you can give office morale a quick boost. You could even save money in the long run by investing in a more efficient heating system, so you can keep your employees happy and warm in the winter, without paying an arm and a leg for it.

Cut Down on Meetings

When our days are filled with meetings, it can be hard to remember what was discussed and when. In fact, research shows that we lose focus after 30 minutes, so that’s a lot of time wasted on sitting in a boardroom when we could be at our desks. While keeping track of what employees are working on is important, reducing the number of unnecessary meetings can free up time for other important projects and tasks.

Don’t cut them out completely, however. Having a conversation with your team face to face rather than over email every now and then can give them a boost as they will feel you are interested in the progress they’re making. It’s a balancing act, but it’s worthwhile if it means your workforce is more productive in the long run.

Time Management is Key

Tell your staff to get out for their lunch break. If you’re up to speed on where everyone is up to with their workload, you’ll know that they have time to take their breaks and get away from the desk.

Keeping track of employees’ work hours is important because you need to know who’s doing what and when. It isn’t presenteeism, though. You need to make sure your staff are happy during the hours they are at work as this makes them more productive. This is why encouraging them to take a brake is crucial to improving efficiency.

Be Reliable

It’s not just your employees who have to be reliable. As an employer, paying them on time not only shows you are a trustworthy employer, it also encourages respect. A robust payroll system that gives your team access to payslips and pay details shows you value them.

What will you do to boost productivity and make your team more efficient?

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