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5 ways to save money while you travel

save moneySome people can apparently travel the world on a shoe string (or even for free) but those who do it regularly understand that this is hard to achieve and that travelling can be expensive business. If you’re planning a getaway sometime soon then with these tips and tricks you’ll be saving cash in no time.

Travel at the cheapest times

Whether you’re moving round London on the tube or flying to Portugal to view a property in Lisbon travelling at off peak hours and weekdays is one of the easiest ways to save money as prices are lower. Avoid the weekends and school holidays too, as prices are upped at these times.

Embrace the sharing economy

You can save money by sharing with others as you travel; Airbnb, for example, is usually a much cheaper option than a chain hotel and allows you to share space with other people in exotic locations.

There’s also EatWith, which is connecting foodies and home chefs to create communal dining experiences that can be planned in while travelling and Co Lunching, a website that encourages users to meet for lunch, split the bill and perhaps make a new friend while in that location.

Take less luggage

Airlines like to charge extortionate prices for the luggage you take on their flight so if you can travel light it’s beneficial to do so. A large rucksack that can fit in the carry on hold all will allow you to skip the check in luggage fees. It will also make getting around easier as you aren’t dragging a suitcase around.

Cook for yourself

If you have the means to, avoid restaurants and pick up food to cook at your accommodation. If you are staying in a country for a significant amount of time perhaps plan a meal once or twice a month and visit the local store for supplies for the rest of your meals.

It’s also a good idea to make packed lunches or buy plenty of cheap snacks to carry around with you to avoid costly food prices at tourist attractions. If you do have to eat out, in most places a big meal at lunch time will be cheaper than eating more at dinner.

Do your research when it comes to tourist hot spots

Sometimes you might find yourself at a tourist attraction that really doesn’t live up to your expectations. This is why it’s best to do your research before you go, to ensure the money you’re spending is worth every penny.

Some extra tips:

  • Try and fly in and out of the same airport – it’s nearly always cheaper to do this.
  • Ask for bread to go – if you don’t have breakfast sorted for the next morning most restaurants abroad will accommodate you if you ask for some bread to go!
  • Hire the smallest car – while it might be nice to get that true American experience in a huge truck when you visit the country, the smallest car will cost you less in petrol and hire prices if you’re just travelling to and from nearby attractions.

When it comes to saving money while travelling, do your research, plan ahead and be savvy about what you book!