5 Growth Hacking Ideas That Work

Have you ever thought about how to use growth hacking to grow your business? Whether you represent an established brand or are just starting out as an entrepreneur, it’s important to understand that growth is vital for a company.

Working hard on offering a top notch service to your clients should definitely be your n.1 priority. But you should also keep in mind that, unless you invest in ways to attract new clients for your business, you could become stagnant or – knock on wood – fail!

As an entrepreneur, you should have a strong marketing strategy in place and find new ways to invest in your business. However, there’s no need to invest a fortune to reach more clients and skyrocket your sales. By simply using some creative marketing techniques, you could easily use growth hacking to get the word out about your products or your services.

Without any further ado, here are 5 growth hacking strategies you can implement today and grow your business.

1. Email marketing – build your mailing list and start promoting your products or services

Are you one of the (many) people who avoid subscribing to newsletters at any cost? Keep in mind that your potential clients may think different.

Email marketing is still a very powerful strategy you can use to advertise your products or services to potential clients. Think about it: people who are willing to leave your their email address are probably already interested in your business. They may be ready to buy, or they may not, but either way they are open to the idea of receiving promotional offers from you.

Don’t miss the opportunity to market your business to potential clients and start building your email list today!

2. Invest in content marketing to build your brand and become an authority in your industry

Content marketing was and still is a great way to market yourself as a brand.

By actively blogging about your industry and by sharing useful, informative content, you could easily become an authority in your niche. Running an active blog may not be your favorite past time activity, but a strong content marketing strategy is the best way to show potential clients how much you know about your industry and it’s a great way to attract new leads by building trust with your potential customers.

3. Use the “Freemium” approach – implement a freemium business model to attract new customers

One growth hacking strategy that is often overlooked is making some of your services or products freemium.

Freemium is a business model that allows you to offer basic services for free, while more advanced features must be paid for.

Using this approach is a great way to attract new leads. Let’s face it, everybody loves a free product or a service! If you can offer an incentive to attract new clients for your business, you could expect at least some of them to be enticed to pay for what they use or for an upgrade.

There are certain disadvantages that come with using freemium as a business model. For instance, some customers may not be motivated to pay because they love the free stuff too much or some may try to abuse your system. But as long as you’re careful and are aware of the possible consequences of using Freemium as a growth hacking strategy to grow your business, you should be fine.

4. Offer discounts for referrals and attract new clients for your business

Have you ever thought about implementing a referral system?

A simple way to get more people to use your service or buy your product is to simply reward existing clients for bringing you more customers!

The idea sounds more complicated than it is. This growth hacking strategy is all about motivating people to tell others about your company and convince them to check out your products or your service.

There’s no need to jump through hoops in order to make a referral system work, it’s enough to either set a small commission in the form of cash, offer a discount for the next purchase or give away a freebie to anyone who can bring in more clients for your business.

Final word of advice to grow your business

Have you noticed what all these growth hacking strategies have in common? They’re free! Use these 5 ideas right and you’ll be able to get some traction fast, without spending any money.

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