3 Top Tips for Reinforcing Your Brand

Branding Every good entrepreneur understands the immense value of branding. Branding allows you to develop coherent through-lines that you can use throughout both marketing communications, and regular communications. The synergy that is achievable when you have the trifecta of a strong business, a strong brand, and innovative marketing, is something that is very hard to beat.

But while building a brand is a challenge in its own right, the bulk of the battle for the market will lie in how effectively you are able to reinforce your brand and its message. Without the right kind of investment and maintenance, a brand really isn’t much good to you.

In addition to the standard marketing practices that you should be using, there are a number of other things you can do to augment your branding. These tips will allow you to organically grow and reinforce your branding, giving you the chance to gain influence without having to fork out loads of cash.

Utilise Social Media

Social media is perhaps the most important marketing platform available to modern businesses. Devising an effective social media marketing strategy can make a huge difference to any business, no matter what field they operate in. Given that social media sites are free to register for and use, it is hardly surprising that they have so much potential for business marketing.

However, don’t fall into the trap of equating a presence on social media to utilising social media. In order for your social media campaigns to be effective and to actually increase your market share, you need to use the platforms properly. Different platforms all favour different content formats and appeal to different demographics.

Identify the nuances of every platform and understand how they can best be exploited for your benefits. In addition to posting marketing content that reinforces your brands, you need to make sure that you actually interact with your followers on the platform.

Hold an Event

No matter what type of business you are involved in, hosting a live event is always a great way of celebrating and reinforcing your brand. You can either host an event which is geared towards other businesspeople and professionals who operate in the same field as you, or you can open it up to the general public. There are merits in both approaches; the best one will depend on the specific business and event in question.

Of course, the key to making your event effective is to ensure that it is memorable. One of the advantages of using such an event in order to raise awareness of your brand is that it allows you to build your brand’s reputation using the personal touch.

You can make it clear that the event in question is linked to your brand by doing something as simple as marking all the invitations, and any materials at the event, with your logo. You can also give out free personalised stationery, or even customised rubber stamps, like these ones from Stamps4You.co.uk where you can upload a ready-made design or create a new layout yourself. If you use those stamps to stamp your brand logo onto materials at the event, this is a simple yet effective way of ensuring that it sticks in the minds of attendees.

Charm Offensive

One of the most overlooked yet most cost-effective ways of getting your brand out there is to go on a PR offensive. Sure, you will need to pay for a good PR consultant. However, many of the most beneficial things you can do from a PR perspective won’t cost your business very much, if anything at all. Instead, good PR is all about carefully considering the way that you interact with and approach your customers, as well as the wider market.

Perhaps there is a compelling personal tale that underpins your current branding and marketing efforts. Telling this story to your audience in an engaging way might just convince them to take a chance on your brand that they otherwise would have overlooked. Journalists looking to write about your brand or business are always looking for good stories to accompany and shape their words. Help them out by giving them a story to work with.

There are a number of simple things that any business can do in order to reinforce their brand. In addition to the above tips, always remember that anything you can do to make people think of your brand counts as reinforcement. The old adage that no publicity is bad publicity is not always strictly true. Obviously, you don’t want to court bad publicity for your brand. But it is true that you can turn just about any coverage into an asset if you know what you’re doing.

Your brand will be strongest when you are synergising your marketing efforts and devising through-lines which you can use in general communications as well as your marketing. Never forget just how valuable your brands are; they are one of the most fundamental components of a successful business.

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