3 Power Options for Commercial Sites

It’s little secret that there’s a supply and demand issue in the UK housing market, with the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) reporting that it needs to find an estimated 157,000 additional skilled recruits by the year 2021.

While the economic uncertainty that continues to plague the construction sector is central to this issue, it’s also fair to say that the industry has struggled to adapt to any semblance of change over the course of the last 40 years.

This is set to change, however, with the government investing in a £72 million Core Innovation Hub that will help to transform the sector. This will ensure that construction sites will continue to have access to a range of diverse power options, including the following:

Portable Generators

 Let’s start with the basics, as not all businesses are created equal and each one will have different needs when it comes to sourcing a generator.

If you’re operating a small or compact construction site, for example, you’ll need to invest in a portable petrol generator.

This type of product include a wide range of budget and premium generators that generate between 2,000 and 3,000kw on average, making them ideal for relatively small applications that do not consume huge amounts of power.

These generators are typically affordable too, and while prices vary they’re designed to suit the needs of small constructors.

Larger Scale Diesel Generators

 If you’re looking for a mid-range option to suit larger construction projects, we’d definitely recommend diesel generators that pack a little more of a punch.

This range can include both portable and fixed generator options, each of which has been designed to provide an economic, efficient and reliable source of electrical power to relatively large-scale construction projects and those that are based in remote locations.

These are ideal as a source of both primary and back-up power, while they can certainly exist as an affordable generator that can help constructors to complete projects on-time and under budget.

An Industrial Generator

 Now we come to what is best described as the ‘nuclear’ option, and one that has been designed to suit vast construction projects with a diverse range of challenging and complex needs.

These are best known as industrial generators, which are available in a number of different sizes and tend to cost upwards of £1,000.

These products, which are available from brands such as Hyundai, typically generate a power output of between 5,100 and 6,000kw and are at least twice as powerful and portable petrol generators.

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