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3 Inspirational Business Entrepreneurs

business entrepreneursMany people are pushing to become successful business entrepreneurs in fields such and start up tech companies, property development, financial investing and such like. Let’s look at some very successful people and see what makes them different.

“More and more people are aiming to carve a financially successful career for themselves being an entrepreneur. We are financing more start up company’s and property developers than ever before. This shows to me a great resurgence in the British spirit and in people carving their own path in life” – BridgingLoans.co.uk – Business Bridging Finance Experts

Chances are, if you keep up with the ultra-successful, ultra-wealthy people of the world, you are familiar with the Greek shipping magnate, Spiro Latsis. Spiro Latsis is a Greek entrepreneur and billionaire, worth more than $11 billion dollars. He is said to be the wealthiest Greek businessman alive and was named by Forbes Magazine as the 83rd richest person in the world in 2013. He was born in Athens, Greece January 1, 1946 and received his education from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Spiro Latsis made his early fortune as a tycoon in the shipping industry, though he has since diversified and at present day accumulates his wealth elsewhere.

Spiro is the son of the late John S. Latsis who also made his fortune in the beginning in the shipping and trade industries much like his son. Both men, father and son, were and are formidable forces in the business world today. Like his father John, Spiro has a natural gift for the very essence of entrepreneurship. His ability to see the potential in a project and invest in its ultimate success is surely a skill he inherited from his late, great father. Spiro Latsis has proudly carried on his father’s legacy as one of Greece’s most successful entrepreneurs who ever lived.

Elizabeth Holmes is another entrepreneur worth mentioning. Holmes dropped out of college at Stanford University; at age 19 she liquefied the funds her parents had put away for college tuition and started her own company. Holmes’ mission is to make access to our own health details more available through phlebotomy, or the study of blood. She says “it is easier to get information on our credit scores than it is to get important details about our health and it is as easy as a simple blood draw.” Elizabeth Holmes is now 30 years old and owns the company, Theranos, and is taking the $76 billion diagnostics laboratory industry and changing the face of it entirely. With innovative new phlebotomist technology, only a dime-sized drop of blood is needed to do a complete health screening instead of the multiple-vial approach that has been used for so long. This innovation, Holmes says, will encourage more people to be tested more often which will lead to early detection of disease and subsequently a higher survival rate. Entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes follows closely in her father’s footsteps; Christian Holmes IV has dedicated his career to humanitarian assistance, and has held numerous executive level positions at USAID.

And last but certainly not least, the 24 year old female entrepreneur based in Hong Kong, Perenna Kei, has been ranked by Forbes, Inc. as the world’s youngest billionaire in 2014. This amazing young entrepreneur already has a net worth of over $1.3 billion US. Educated at the University of London, Kei earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. By Chinese cultural standards, Kei is highly reserved and socially ultra-conservative which has caused international rumors that she is highly and abnormally secretive. While it is true that Perenna Kei is not flashy, the bottom line is that she owns several successful Hong Kong-based companies in trust with her family; at only 24 years old she herself owns 85% of Logan Property Holdings, one of China’s foremost real estate companies. This makes Kei the youngest billionaire in the world, knocking Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz out of the running. Logan Property Holdings develops real estate for the Chinese property market. Perenna Kei’s father, Ji Jaipeng is CEO and Chairman of Logan Property Holdings which had revenue in 2012 of $1 billion US. Logan Property Holdings went public in late 2013.