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Top 10 sightseeing attractions in Goa

Goa is a resort region, the place where lovers of liberty live and wonderful nature thrives. Goa is just like another planet, another world, and everything is special there. What is interesting in Goa? What sights are worth visiting?

1. Spice plantations

Goa is an oriental place no matter which way you look at it. And what is East without spices? See how to grow them and how to harvest. Visiting spice plantations in Goa, find out how spices look like before they are consumed.

A visit to plantations will be interesting and useful for both children and their parents.

2. Market in Anjuna

This is the place where merchants from all parts of Goa and India come to sell their hand-made merchandise to tourists and locals. This is the right place to practice the art of trading and bargaining, which eastern buyers and traders are famous for. And right here, you can purchase a variety of souvenirs for your loved ones.

3. Night market in Arpora

The night market is the same market but illuminated by lights after sunset. According to the tourist reviews, the choice of goods is slightly smaller at the night market. Besides shopping in this place, you can also watch performances staged for visitors. Fire shows are spectacular. At the market, you can experience the local charm of life to its fullest.

4. Museum of Naval Aviation

Military aviation is a sign of modern civilization, and even such a distinctive locality as Goa has it.

In memory of successful military operations, a museum of local military aviation is founded in Goa. The museum is not large. After all, there were not many military actions in Goa.

This attraction in Goa will be more interesting for boys and their dads. You’ll have to pay 20 rupees for a visit to the museum.

5. St. Augustine Church and Monastery

The impressive ruins of this ancient temple have a quite controversial history, especially considering the fact that it was built by twelve monks under the leadership of an Italian architect.

6. Fort Aguada

If you want to make a leisurely walk along the ocean coast, come to Fort Aguada – the heritage of the Portuguese colony.

7. Fort Reis Magos

A picturesque place on the coast of Goa! You can come here for the entire day, as you will have a really pleasurable walk here. This is the most beautiful fort in Goa.

8. Arambol Beach

Why do people go to Goa? Well, of course, they come after the sun, white sand, and blue sea waves. Arambol beach is the real daydreaming. Being one of the best beaches in the northern part of Goa, it lives its own life which is quite interesting and fascinating.

9. Deltin Royale Casino

This floating casino provides an excellent service for gambling lovers. Music, drinks, and all other delights provided by such facilities are waiting for their admirers. But if you have no time to visit this floating casino, you can easily play via the Internet at https://www.luckycasino.com/en/ while staying at home.

10. Cubana Nightclub

An open-air disco in Cubana is the most famous night club in Goa. Here, you can spend the evening in a noisy company for 2,000 rupees. Most of the drinks are free in this place. The reviews about this facility are quite diverse. But if you want to understand better whether it is worth or not visiting this place, you have to try to visit it at least once. After all, Goa is an Indian Ibiza and disco clubs are highly appreciated here.

If you intend to visit Goa, read about its main sightseeing attractions. Then, having arrived at the place, you won’t have to waste your precious time looking for them.