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The new Kia Proceed

The previous  ProCeed was a compact, three-door body style, now, however, the same name – minus some erroneous punctuation (it’s just ProCeed now) – sits on the boot lid of a shooting brake estate. It is sleek, sharp and attractive, aimed at the company car buyer especially the 1.6 diesel engine model in GT line I drove, says Business First Motoring Correspondent Ian Beasant.

Whether buyers prefer the concept of a sporty three-door or swoopy estate remains to be seen, The rear LED lighting signature looks great, and it really is a little different and somewhat refreshing. Overall, it’s a handsome car.

Kia ProCeedKia offers the Proceed with two petrol engines a 1.4 and 1.6 and the same in diesel versions. The test car was 1.6 diesel in ‘GT – Line trim. Producing 134bhp and driving the front wheels using a six-speed manual gearbox which allows a top speed of 124mph and more importantly 0-60 in 10 seconds. The Proceed feels livelier than the figures suggest, I found over a full tank of diesel I achieved an average of 52mpg which was only 4 miles per gallon of what Kia claims. The Proceed offers a very comfortable and enjoyable drive, it does seem a little firm at times, but then this goes to help its sharp steering. The six-speed gearbox does seem at first to be a little sloppy, once behind the wheel for a wheel, it behaves itself and is easy to use.

The Interior, like an awful lot of new cars, is dominated by a large touchscreen. This has led to fewer switches in general. The Proceed seems to have too many switches and trying to get familiar with the layout goes to show that having too many switches can be just as distracting as having too few. The overall interior feeling is salvaged somewhat by a lovely steering wheel that’s as attractive to look at as it is pleasant to hold. The interior is of good quality and when you get used to the low roofline it is a nice place. The only downside to the roofline is the rear visibility is compromised; the test car was fitted with a reversing camera which is very handy.

Kia ProCeedThe Proceed does offer something a little different, it is a sharp looker, pleasing to drive and economical. In this day and age, where engine performance is more frowned upon than celebrated. Priced at £24,690 the Proceed with all its generous specification 17-inch alloys, an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment display, reversing camera, plus heated front seats and steering wheel are all standard certainly makes a lot of sense.