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Staff at ProfileTree have celebrated the completion of a successful digital project with Dream Spanish Homes, a leading property realtor based in Murcia, Spain. Pioneering a total digital transformation on behalf of their client, the Belfast-based content marketing agency oversaw an extensive project which included content strategy; web design, video production, graphic design and more.

For industry players and property buyers in Ireland and beyond, Dream Spanish Homes have established themselves as one of the fastest-growing real estate agents in southern Spain. With a specialty in promoting properties across the Mar Menor of Costa Calida, the agency boasts over 15 years of property experience with particular strengths in overseeing property sales for buyers across the United Kingdom and Ireland. With a huge range of luxury properties and clients spread across Europe, Dream Spanish Homes were poised to achieve ultimate success in the Spanish property market.

Dream Spanish Homes

For the estate agent, achieving such prominence has been the result of years of knowledge, practice and undying passion from its owners. Across the property sector in Costa Calida, however, Dream Spanish Homes have become renowned for their guiding principles of integrity, simplicity and good value. Now boasting a huge portfolio of properties, the company has attracted a loyal following thanks to its industry-leading services, including free inspection trips; golf club memberships, air conditioning and free cars.

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Spearheading the digital transformation of Dream Spanish Homes required a multi-disciplined, holistic approach which was to involve several industry-leading services including content marketing; web design, hosting, search engine optimisation, video production, social media marketing and graphic design. According to agency founder and CEO Ciaran Connolly, this was a significantly complex project for a client with a huge range of properties and services: “Here at ProfileTree, we loved rising to the challenge of steering digital transformation for Dream Spanish Homes. The complexity of the project allowed us to lend several of our services, and this has paid off with a robust, visually appealing and user-friendly website for our client.”

Indeed, despite their leading position in the Spanish property market, several obstacles continued to face the client. The lack of a functioning and secure website left Dream Spanish Homes without the digital showcase that they needed to advertise their properties. Beyond this, ProfileTree were on-hand to identify spaces for improvement in the client’s social media management and overall SEO strategy. Overarching all of these obstacles, however, was the lack of a content marketing strategy. Based upon this, Dream Spanish Homes faced challenges in bringing their branded messages to the places that matter most: search engine ranking pages.

Following consultations with ProfileTree, numerous spaces for improvement and transformation were identified. A journey towards digital transformation was launched, with the creation of a sleek and easy-to-use website agreed as the first major step. This included a significant ‘Properties’ page, detailing hundreds of vacant properties across southern Spain. For each property was an individual page with expertly-written descriptions, as well as extensive galleries of high-resolution images. High-resolution images were captured by the agency’s industry-leading team of videographers and video editors, who were dispatched to Spain as part of the project. By deploying their photography and video marketing services, Dream Spanish Homes were now able to display their properties in a way which was both engaging and lead-focussed.

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Creating such a digital showcase did not start and end with expert photoshoot sessions, however. Central to the transformation of this client was the implementation of a cohesive content strategy, involving several aspects of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This comprehensive process entailed the integration of well-researched and high-performance keywords across the site, including landing pages and property pages. Implementing such a strategy was done so with the objective of establishing the client’s leading presence in search engine ranking pages. According to the agency, this service guaranteed a strong return on investment thanks to the leads and engagement generated by achieving a top search engine rank.

A core objective of this project involved enhancing the industrial credibility of the client. To achieve this goal, ProfileTree developed their renowned content writing services to create a series of introductory blogs on the site. Content writers were also involved in writing descriptions around several districts of southern Spain, demonstrating the superior industry knowledge of their client.

Once ProfileTree established a strong digital presence and content strategy for their client, it was time to move onto the next phase: launching a social media marketing campaign. Following extensive consultations, the agency team established a fresh presence on several platforms, including Facebook; LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Whilst these platforms provided fantastic places to display various properties, they also offered themselves as an effective extension of the client’s customer service capabilities. Handing their social media to the experts at ProfileTree, Dream Spanish Homes were able to move forward with the knowledge that their social platforms were being managed in a way which encouraged loyal relationships and sales generation.

Speaking as the project came to a close, agency founder and CEO Ciaran Connolly argued that content marketing is rapidly emerging as an essential service: “Our project with Dream Spanish Homes was highly complex, and allowed us to deploy our full range of content marketing services. As increased web traffic and sales for our client demonstrate, content marketing has become a ‘must-do’ across all sectors; including real estate. We are delighted that our client was pleased with their results and we look forward to working with them again as they move into the future.”

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