New Ford Focus

Ford’s much loved Focus is now on its fourth generation. The New Focus has a lot to live up to as previous models have kept Ford at the top of the sales charts with the Fiesta  the biggest selling car in the UK at present, writes Ian Beasant, Motoring Correspondent.

The big changes for the Focus Mk4 are improvements in cabin space and efficiency. The overall look of the latest Focus blends parts of the outgoing car with design elements from the smaller Fiesta. The driver is set back and quite low – it’s similar in silhouette to the latest Mercedes A-Class, but has all of Ford’s current design elements.

There’s a longer wheelbase, which improves space inside, while the cabin has been overhauled to create more room, too. The current Focus has a far bigger boot than the previous generation as a result, while an electric hand brake and revised cockpit means the front seats feel spacious, and the rear has decent legroom, too. As always, the Focus comes as either a five-door hatchback or a more practical estate.

I drove a 1.0 litre 3 cylinder petrol version in Titanium X trim, the Titanium trim offers a lot of extras and I feel Ford are chasing the premium brands like VW, and Mercedes in this area. Anyway, The Focus looks quite good in its new clothes maintaining the very strong Ford corporate nose. Inside the Focus is nice with a well-appointed dash and controls; one thing I found was that the gear-lever although slick to change gear feels a little far away from the driver (maybe my arms have shrunk)which is not like Ford at all as one of their strong points was t driver ergonomics.

The 1.0 litre 3 cylinder engine offers 125 bhp on paper , it does feel fine when you rev it quite hard, this leads to a harsh engine sound which is with all 3 cylinder engines, nothing wrong just a different engine sound.

The Ford quoted figures are 0-62 10 secs, Max speed 124MPH and a combined MPG of 57.6 all sounds good on paper. Reality it feels okay, if you drive with four people in the car the Focus does feel very sluggish it’s a bit better with just the driver but still quite disappointing. Although to be fair small engines in medium size and larger cars are aplenty at present and  soon we will probably think nothing of it.

The new Ford Focus will I am sure hold its place high in the sales charts as it is perfect for a growing family, Ford has a strong following of customers. How does it compare to VW Golf, a Mercedes A class well? It is priced in that bracket as The Titanium X spec I drove starts at £23.130.

Total as Tested £27.005.00 the new Focus is certainly in the premium price range and as with most new cars nowadays priced to sell on a monthly purchase or lease contract.

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