KP launches de-LIGHT-ful new snack in Northern Ireland

Snack lovers looking for a tasty low calorie snack will be interested to hear that crisp and snack manufacturer KP Snacks Ltd has added to its ‘under 100 calorie’ range with the launch of new Popchips in Northern Ireland.

The new snack, which is ‘popped’ instead of deep fried like most potato crisps, weighs in at a very tasty 97 calories per pack and comes in three delicious flavours – Barbecue, Sour Cream and Onion and Sea Salt and Vinegar.

Last year, KP Snacks enjoyed significant sales growth of 5.5* per cent in Northern Ireland, with its ‘Better For You’ snack range a key growth area, according to Ricky Watts, KP Snacks Business Account Manager for Northern Ireland.

“We are delighted to launch our tasty new ‘low cal’ snack Popchips in Northern Ireland,” said Ricky, “and are confident that it will be a huge hit with consumers who want a snack that is low in calories but bursting with flavour.

“Health is increasingly an important factor when it comes to people’s snacking choices, so much so that the ‘healthier snack’ market is estimated at more than £17m in the UK with 30 per cent growth in the last two years.

“At KP Snacks we have seen tremendous growth in our ‘Better For You’ range, to the extent that we now offer no fewer than 37 products in our ‘under 100 calories’ portfolio,” he added.  “We are thrilled to add Popchips to this range, which also includes Hula Hoops Puft, the lowest calorie bagged snack in the UK marketplace at just 71 calories per pack.

“The popularity of these products goes to show that being ‘Better For You’ doesn’t mean boring and tasteless – and that is certainly the case with Popchips,” concluded Ricky.

Earn yourself a bag of Popchips

At just 97 calories per pack, it doesn’t take much to ‘burn off’ a bag of Popchips.  In fact, KP have even provided a few ideas on how to do just that…

10 ways to burn off a bag of Popchips (97 calories)!


  • 23 minutes of casual cycling                                       –     24 minutes of carrying an infant
  • 15 minutes cardio dance class                                   –     30 minutes of playing frisbee
  •  20 minutes of walking                                                  –     20 minutes of washing the car
  • 14 minutes of re-arranging furniture                      –     12 minutes of rollerskating
  • 30 minutes on the golf driving range                      –     34 minutes of ironing


As part of its ‘Taste for Good’ commitment, KP Snacks has been working on improving the health credentials of its products for a number of years, reducing saturated fat by 80% across its core brands.

KP Snacks Ltd owns some of the biggest Crisp, Snacks and Nuts brands in the Northern Ireland market, including McCoy’s, Hula Hoops, KP Nuts, Butterkist, Skips, Space Raiders, Discos, Pom-Bear, Nik Naks, Roysters, Frisps and Brannigans.

In the local convenience sector (which excludes large supermarket chains and discounter stores), the company experienced growth of 5.5 per cent* during 2018 and now boasts a 21.1%* value share of the Northern Ireland Crisps, Snacks and Nuts (CSN) Convenience Market.

New Popchips will be available at convenience and independent stores throughout Northern Ireland.

*Source: IRI Ext3 Convenience NI MAT 28.01.2019      **Source: Neilson 4 w/e 26th of January 2019

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