JN Wine Academy Launches In Northern Ireland

This week JN Wine unveiled its prestigious JN Academy in response to a growing appetite for wine expertise and knowledge amongst young professionals in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

At the launch event at James Nicholson Wine, Crossgar, JN Wine unveiled the new initiative designed to assist twenty and thirty somethings enhance their love of wine.

A report by the International Wine Market Council recently found that young people are increasingly into wine, with millennials, defined as people ages 25 to 39, drinking more wine than any other generation.

Across Ireland, research reveals that more than ever, people are choosing the grape over the grain when it comes to alcohol with wine sales almost doubling in the past 15 years and now accounting for 28% of the market in Ireland.  Additionally, more people are browsing and buying their wine online, with JN Wine experiencing an increase of over 50% in online sales in the past two years.

James Nicholson, Managing Director, JN Wine, said: “While we are now drinking 18% less than a decade ago, when it comes to wine, the interest is growing; particularly amongst millennials who have a greater focus on health and lifestyle.  When they do drink, they are willing to spend on something but want to be confident it is of good quality.

“The JN Academy aims to enhance knowledge of wines and our own online sales suggests tastes areconstantly evolving with today’s generation interested in diverse wines. We can help you tell the difference between Malbec and Merlot, Pinot Grigio and Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon and Semillon.”

Graduates of the JN Academy will learn about the diversity in regions and styles of wine, as well as perfect wine pairings for seasonal or occasional dining.

“Today we have the luxury of navigating a wine world with far more options than our predecessors’, but it can be extremely challenging to keep up.  The JN Academy is about encouraging an openness to variety and highlighting key trends,” added James Nicholson.

“The sparkling wine market has increased significantly in the past five years for example, and we will be looking at the increasing variety far and beyond Prosecco. French sparkling wines were the most popular within our Top 40 best sellers last year, with our very own French JN Wine Sparkling NV from the Loire region within the top three most popular wines we sold last year.

“In addition, technology has continued to expand the way we buy and talk about wine and we want to encourage a new generation of wine experts to share their expertise and experience through their own digital channels – we are seeing major trends amongst those using Facebook, Instagram YouTube and Twitter for wine-sharing purposes. We find that 25 – 34 year olds visit us online more than any other age category, with an increase year-on-year in this group of younger people buying their wine online.”

JN Wine is an independent wine merchant offering high quality wines sourced from family and artisan wineries around the world. The company, that was founded in County Down in 1977 provides a home delivery service for wine lovers in Ireland via its website.

JN Wine also supplies wine to the many of the finest restaurants and hotels across the island of Ireland. Founder James Nicholson prides himself on presenting the finest and most innovative wines from around the world, tasting events to excite the senses and second to none, multi-award-winning expertise.

To join the JN Academy, visit www.jnwine.comand sign-up to receive value advice and tips, new wines to the JN Wine range, special offers and announcements on upcoming events.



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