Is coffee grinder more important than coffee machine?

No matter whether you own a cute café on the corner, a popular coffee house or a large, busy restaurant, when a customer orders a coffee, you need to be able provide them with the finest-quality beverage. From the individuals that are looking for a quick boost to increase their energy levels, to the coffee connoisseurs who are going to be focused on the roast, fragrance, flavour, aroma and aftertaste, you need to be ready to offer everyone the perfect cup!

You may have carried out extensive research before opening your establishment as to what coffee machine you should invest it, but did you also carefully consider your coffee grinder? If you need any more convincing about why your business should use a quality coffee grinder, allow us to help.

Freshly ground coffee is second-to-none, but should you opt for blade or burr grinders?

If you are spending a lot of money of your coffee beans, you should be thinking wisely about what mechanism you’re using to render them into grounds, too. While blade grinders are extremely convenient, slicing the coffee beans up and blasting them into all different shapes and sizes, burr grinders grind your coffee beans – a few at a time – into a uniform size, encouraging a balanced flavour.

They are extremely easy to use

You’ll know better than anyone how busy your café, coffee shop or restaurant can get, which is why you should take the opportunity to benefit from equipment that will help to save you and your staff time. Coffee grinders are very easy to use, allow you to set them to different programmes and will speed up your coffee making process, meaning that you can serve your customers a lot quicker!

They have a high capacity

If there is a huge demand for coffee within your establishment, it’s important that you can keep up. By investing in a commercial coffee grinder, you’ll have a vital piece of equipment with enough motor power to keep grinding throughout the day.

They are consistent

Coffee grinders will deliver consistent coffee grounds, which ensures that you can maintain your standards throughout the day. If your customers know that they will receive consistently good coffee, they will continue to come back for more.

Don’t let poorly ground beans affect your coffee. Invest in a great coffee grinder today.

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