Ford Fiesta Active X Review

The Ford Fiesta is the best selling car in the UK; The Active X version is a Fiesta Cross Over. But why?, asks our Motoring Correspondent Ian Beasant.

Well, the marketplace at present seems to favour that. The Fiesta Active X  uses the successful, engaging chassis of the Fiesta which is taller by 18 mm and broader 10mm compared to the Fiesta hatch, Britain’s perennial best-seller.

The Active version adds a little more practicality and visual toughness. The ride height is jacked-up 18mm — which doesn’t sound much — but is sufficient to cut the odds of scraping the undercarriage in a roughly-surfaced car park. There’s also a cockpit-mounted switch that tailors the traction and stability controls with a ‘slippery’ mode for use in snow or ice.

Ford Fiesta Active X

Ford Fiesta Active X

One benefit of the higher ride-height is more extended suspension travel that allows the Active’s suspension with better bump absorption. Again 18mm doesn’t sound much, but Ford’s chassis engineers have worked their usual magic and designed a very supple riding suspension.

In the urban jungle, this brings the significant advantage of smoother progress over speed bumps, potholes and the like we find daily on our roads. The Fiesta Active carries the extra height well as based on the brilliant Fiesta hatch with its responsive steering and the delicate balance between ride and handling it is comfortable and yet at the same time sharp and well balanced. Ford has widened the tracks by 10mm, revised the geometry and electric power steering and added a new hydraulic rebound stopper to improve ride quality over rough ground.

The benefit is noticeable on a country road, where the Active X feels very much at home and composed, soaking up the bumps and ruts,  the three-cylinder 125ps EcoBoost revs freely, albeit a bit grumbly along with a  usable torque band, bringing a smile to the driver’s face. The short-throw six-speed gearbox is typical Ford, the perfect weight and feel.

Ford Fiesta Active X

The interior of the Fiesta Active X is just the same well built and designed interior of any Fiesta. There is plenty of room for four adults to travel comfortably.  The Active X comes equipped with all the latest electronics available. It looks good on its 17inch alloy wheels and its rugged body styling kit.

Ford says that you can expect Fiesta Active X fitted with the 1.0 litre 3 cylinder engine to return 46.9 MPG. I couldn’t achieve any more than 38 miles to the gallon over the week I drove it.

The Fiesta Active is fun to drive its easy to live with. The Price for the Active X with the 125ps petrol engine is £21,300 add on the Luxe yellow paint £750 and a spare steel wheel £150 and as tested the Fiesta Active X on the road £22,200.00. It is good but at a price.

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