Your personal brand: 3 ways to transform it

As we all know, the world of business prompts various buzzwords through the years. At the moment, if you haven’t guessed from the title, one of the biggest comes in the form of personal branding.

There are entire guides on the ins and outs of this topic, but to give some context personal branding is the way in which others perceive you. Sometimes, it can feel as though you hold the best skills for a position, but you are always turned down in favour of a different colleague.

There’s a very good chance that your personal branding is the thing that is holding you back. In truth, there are umpteen elements that can impact this area of your life, but for the purposes of today we are going to hone in on three which should make the difference when it comes to bettering yourself in your career.

Your habits matter

As you will soon see throughout today’s post, boosting your personal brand can sometimes be about changing the way in which people judge you. As the saying goes, first impressions count, and this is where your normal habits come into play.

One example could be smoking. In short, if you are a smoker, this is going to be detrimental to your personal brand. The scent is going to trail behind you, as are all of the other obvious side effects. Quitting is one way to stay on top of this, but this is easier said than done.

Instead, for the time being at least, alternatives might be a better solution. E-cigarettes are one example, as this is something that can immediately eradicate the dreaded odour that standard cigarettes prompt. Particularly with so many different powered mods, and all of their vaping coils and atomizers now available, it means that you can really customize your smoking experience and take control of the habit.

Your appearance makes a difference

Following on from the previous point, it won’t come as a surprise to read that your appearance makes a difference as well.

Again, it might sound almost judgemental, but in the world of personal branding anything goes.

Whether it’s your clothing, or even if you’ve had a shave that very same morning, it will all be taken into account. Whether you like it or not, the way you look will count for or against you and can make the difference as you bid to progress your career.

Knowledge is power

It’s something of a cliché, but there’s a reason why this statement about knowledge exists. In short, it’s completely accurate, and if you are serious about boosting your personal brand then broadening your knowledge should be at the top of your agenda.

After all, if you can become the go-to person in your department or company for a range of topics, your reputation (and brand) soars.

So, how do you do this? Visit conferences, apply for training and do anything else that can fine-tune your knowledge of your industry.

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