Why Your Business Needs an Access Control System

While e-commerce and tech business owners have become obsessed with cyber security, often companies with a bricks-and-mortar premise ignore this essential area. With the threats which exist in today’s world, they do so at their peril.Apart from the physical security benefits that access control offers, it also gives the impression that the business has strength in this area. If you set up even simple security procedures such as ID cards this signals to the outside world that you are a serious business which takes cares of its staff and assets. This can provide a layer of trust and projects an image of professionalism.

Access Control

As it is probably impossible and highly impractical to give each of your employees a key, experts emphasise that access control is one of the most important reasons to install a security system at your business like these offered by Nortech.

The security world is also just starting to understanding the potential of data in access control systems, and installing these can have a major impact on business and improving security.

Access Control: Traditional vs. IP Systems

There are two main types of access control systems. The first is the traditional method where door readers “speak to the door.” The second is a cloud-based system where door readers speak to a cloud-based network.

Working with Credentials

Access control systems work with four main forms of authentication. These are some kind of physical credential which proves your identity and right to access. This could be a card or key fob, a password or pin or even a fingerprint or some other kind of biometric system. Creating layers of security is always best practice as this will create multiple safeguards.

Benefits of ‘Integrated Access Control’

Getting access to data gathered by an access control system can help business owners improve their physical security. Integrated access control does not only provide pictures of a building but can also provide data for HR databases and calendar information.

Different layers of security

While a basic access control system like a swipe card can provide physical access, a video set up to provide facial recognition can deliver a second layer for security while CCTV cameras, for instance, can provide a third.

An integrated access control system can pick up a problem long before any human become involved. He said that this cost-effective way to alert business owners of a problem early is one of the major factors driving growth in the access control sector.

Tracking the Movement of Employees

The right access control system can use camera data to map out how employees move around a workspace and determine how to improve productivity and other trends like possible sale spikes. We are currently seeing the development of smart buildings and smart city technology, which is already seeing a great increase in the number of open systems around. This is only set to increase in the future, meaning that we will have more ways to combine, analyse and draw insights from data.

What to look for in an access control system

To find the best access control system for a business, owners should look at degrees of automation, whether the system is cloud-based, if it offers modernized access control and if it is suitable for the size of the business. A good system will allow a business owner to track employees and also have the ability to send reports on suspicious activity.

Future of Access Control

Experts say that the use of access control systems is predicted to grow in the years to come. According to research from IHS Markit, the access control market will increase by 6% by the time we reach 2021. This analysis showed that this growth was a result of SME’s and entrepreneurs having more options for access control systems, which include wireless and cloud-hosted systems.

An increase in the use of biometrics is expected, especially for time and attendance systems. Another access control system that is growing in popularity is the use of mobile apps that will do away with the need to carry an access card.

What Features Do You Need?

The primary function of a business access control system is to keep the premises safe and it was best to avoid any access control system that uses out-of-date technology or that omits essential safety features or skimps of key aspects. For example, make sure the system includes lockdown modes and alarms.

The best door readers have their own memory and processers as well as a certain level of encryption. Open source technology is available however it is wise exercise caution: this kind of technology can be more vulnerable to attacks and is less secure. Also consider how you do business. For example if you are often offsite, having the ability to manage access control from a mobile device will be important. If you get a lot of visitors, your system should be able to cater to that.

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