Why You Need to Track Your Vehicle in 2019

Vehicle theft is on the rise and with thieves finding newer ways to make car crime work for them; it has never been so important to ensure you have done everything you can to avoid becoming a victim of crime. Not only do you need to protect your vehicle from being taken from criminals, but to ensure it can be tracked and recovered in the unfortunate event of it being stolen.

Car theft-rates rose dramatically last year, and, although a high percentage of these were prestige brands, some were worth as little as £1000. The sobering reality is that no vehicle is safe from theft, and with thieves finding their way around what is thought to be increased security features such as keyless ignition, the only real way to achieve greater peace of mind is to fit a vehicle tracking device. Below, we take a good look at why it could be a good idea for you, whether as a business owner or single driver to ensure your vehicle – or vehicles – are tracked in 2019.

Vehicle tracking devices can benefit drivers in the following ways:-

–        Enhance security

–        Lower insurance premiums

–        Increase peace of mind

–        Fit most vehicles including motorbikes and caravans

–        Ensure protection for personal vehicles and commercial fleets

–        Offer theft prevention as well as theft solution features


Perhaps most importantly; dramatically increase the odds of recovering any vehicle if stolen.

How vehicle trackers work

Vehicle trackers are portable devices that work on GPS which stands for Global Positioning Technology, and it is this satellite technology that works out exactly where your car or vehicle is if it is stolen.  There are many trackers on the market to suit all budgets and requirements, offering a wide range of bespoke features with simple, less expensive devices providing recorded information for later use or higher specification trackers offering “real-time” data; providing information on speed and location as the event is actually happening.

The hidden benefits of vehicle trackers

Trackers can also be used in any personal or business scenario where you feel it would be useful to keep tabs on a vehicle, such as where it has been and when. Some can even let you know if the speed limit has been broken or if they leave a designated area! This is extremely useful for business owners. Whether you have a small or a large fleet, having some way of ensuring your drivers are not taking any unauthorised detours or driving negligently can allow you to address any issues before they get you and your business into any kind of trouble. You’ll also be able to get in touch with customers to advise them of approximate delivery times for their orders, which adds a great element to your customer service.

Location, location, location

Knowing the location of your vehicle is the ultimate key to its recovery. Fitting a vehicle tracker is the best way to add the highest level of security to protect your asset if you become an unfortunate number in the ever-increasing statistics of vehicle crime. Although many vehicles are stolen to order, opportunistic thefts often lead to cars getting either sold on or dumped, which gives GPS owners a good chance of getting the car back. GPS trackers are highly accurate, and even if your vehicle has been taken to another country, in some cases, it may well still be traceable.

With all these benefits, and the fact that vehicle crime rates are getting higher, it makes sense for every driver or vehicle owner to look into getting a vehicle tracker. It could be the best decision you make this year!

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