What all ecommerce businesses should know about marketing

It’s fast. It’s convenient, and it has transformed our lives like never before. Though this can be said about any latest technology, today, e-commerce is a tide that’s picking up pace faster than any other development in the digital world. To help you ace ecommerce marketing, here are some top tips that will ensure timely and lasting success of your ecommerce business.

1.   Knowing your target market well

The foremost thing you have to do before you even begin to market your product is to identify your target audience or product niche. Assuming that you know who your target audience is, you need to conduct extensive research on them by asking a few basic questions, for example:

1) What problem do they have?

2) How can you solve it

3) How does your product solve that problem in a better and more innovative way than your other competitors?

Proper market research will allow you creating a winning marketing strategy which will target and persuade your ideal customer. More than that, it will help you with your product development (more on this in the next point) which is equally essential for an effective marketing strategy.

2. Product development – an important part of marketing

Many ecommerce businesses make the mistake of isolating their product development from their marketing strategy and tactics, as they believe these are two unrelated areas. However, these two aspects are not only critical to success in the ecommerce niche, but they are also closely inter-related.

Even if you have the strongest marketing strategy it will not help you if your product is unsellable. In this way, your marketing strategy really starts in the product development stage. Good product development for ecommerce in 2019 means developing a product which is two things:

1) In demand

2) Not oversaturated

The first point is fairly obvious: of course if you want to sell a lot of something, lots of people need to want to buy it. However, particularly as ecommerce becomes more and more popular with competition rising, you will find that some products already have a lot of competition on the market – too much in fact. If the market for a product already saturated with competition, particularly strong competition, you will struggle to market and sell your product even with the best strategies in place. The key is to find that sweet spot of a product which is in-demand but without too much strong competition.

3. Your perfect sales pitch — killer product photo and video

So once you’ve created your online store using a great online service (here’s our pick for the web’s top ecommerce website builders), the first thing you need to focus on is your product photo. A great product photo is the key to selling any online product.

Think about it: people don’t know what your commodity is. What is the first thing they’d be interested to see? That’s right: the product photo. So, a great, professional product photo is the first thing you need to take care of in order to showcase your product to the world and attract customers.

Second, it is highly recommended that you also have a product video. Think of it as a means of educating a potential customer about your product, because after all, how much detail can a picture convey after all. Hence, you need product video to give more detail. The result — by thoroughly informing customers about your product and business, you exponentially increase your sales.

4. Clear product FAQs: Saving you and your customers an unwanted round of headaches

Who likes repeating themselves over and over again to answer the same question? No one! So don’t be that product owner or marketer who forgets the fundamental building block of a good ecommerce product page — a clear and distinct FAQs section. FAQs answer all your customers’ questions, helping you prevent your inbox from flooding with same questions several times a day, and to already answer the ones that are likely to arise in the minds of your potential customers. Plus, it serves as a great marketing tool — when your customer is happy and satisfied, they are highly likely to make a purchase. It’s a win-win for both you and them.

5. Building Trust

We can’t highlight this one enough. Sure, you are in the ecommerce industry to sell your products. But what you should focus on above all is to build your customers’ trust on you and your products, because this is what is going to get translated into sales in the future.

How do you build trust? By posting meaningful and relevant content on your social media platforms regularly. You don’t need to bombard them with post, but you need to keep them updated and informed about the latest happenings and how-to’s, maybe even free giveaways to tell them that it is about them, which it is after all.

6. Having a share icon

So you’re going well. You’re getting the leads and people like your products. Now, a potential customer wants to share your product with a friends or family members (which can lead to potential future sales). The very ingredient you need to have here is a shareable icon for your product that allows viewers to share your product on different social media platforms.

And there you have it, a clear and concise guide on how you can begin marketing your ecommerce business with flare. Though these tips seem simple, they actually do take time. But you can rest assured that the more time and effort you put in, the more profitable it is going to be for you in the future. Ecommerce is a tough game after all, and things can take time. So stay strong and keep up the action!

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